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Trail/snowmobile maps

tommyboy 0 Points
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I have a Crossover, and am wondering what is the best trailmap software available for my GPS? I am in MN, but would like a software that would cover the upper Midwest, including MN, MI,WI.



  • Tim 1482 Points
    I don't recall seeing many/any third party maps for the Crossover.
  • you can go to they have free maps for MN, UP, WI, MT, and others. Speaking from experience, the maps are great, however, your gps will soon dissapoint you if it hasn't already. I just dumped my Crossover (piece of crap) and bought the Garmin 60CSX. This is what I thought about buying first but decided on the Crossover. The Garmin unit is far superior the Crossover......basically it actually works as advertised.....which the Crossover never did......

    anyways you can get maps at the above website.
  • Thanks very much. I found out what you mean this past weekend. We went to MI, and my friend had a Garmin 60, and it worked well. I didn't have a map on my Crossover, so I decided t turn tracks on for next time. Unfortunately it didn't pick up all the trails we went on.

    Also, on our drive back to the Twin Cities, his Garmin was much more accurate with respect to mileage and estimated travel time. I am disappointed.
  • I own a Crossover 2500 and find the tracks to be accurate .use it on my snowmobile and have compared it to my other gps`s.One being a garmin 76Map and the other a Garmin 72.The thing I didnt like is the fact that you cannot upload these to the PC to share with friends.I do love the screen it is easy to view and a have attached a stylus pen so i dont have to take my mitts off.The support does suck and forums are the best places to work out the kinks.

    Aka Topdog
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