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Which maps do the Navigon units use?

videopete 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I'm reading alot about City Navigator v8 v9 etc...Bluechart maps, etc...

Does anyone know which map files the Navigon units actually use...I know it states NavTeq but what does that mean? I also know that they are simply installed as .map files but what are they actually called....I want to do some research on them to see how accurate they are??

I personally own the 2120 unit (Canadian version of 2100)...


  • infama 0 Points
    Navigon uses Navteq map data.

    Not sure of the release date though.
  • Yes I know they are Navteq maps but how can I tell what version - 2007 maps, 2008 maps, only shows USA and on the SD Card -
  • They are all the newest version.
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