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6000T or the 860T ?

sethm 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I have looked at this sites comparison chart & have done other research.
I decided to call Magellan's tech support for more detailed info on the 2200T & the 6000T and feed back that I just do not see from the Magellan web site. I like the look of the 2200T but the 6000T has 4 Million more POI's.

The tech person - though VERY hard to understand. Said that the 6000T besides having more POI's has more features (than the 2200T). But that for a good GPS for traveling/vacations, he suggested the 860T. Though the 860T is an older unit.

SO... is the 860T the better unit out of these 3 choices and why?



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