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Current Magellan Crossover Deal

Zalex 0 Points
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8) I'm looking for a GPS unit that I can use for both auto (mainly) & on my boat (twice/month) on the local north TX lakes. I've been reading comments on the Crossover & other units, which have been very enlightening. My overall analysis if that the unit is fairly useful & reliable, but that Magellan has support problems.
I wasn't going to purchase the unit until I did further research, but my wife informed me she had purchased me one for Christmas from Costco for $229 + tax/ship!! ($329 less $100 online rebate until 12/12). I figured at this price if it sucks on the lake we can use it full time in the car & I could buy a cheap handheld. I'll let you know how it goes. THANKS!


  • @Zalex: I can guarantee you that it won't suck on the lake, or in the car or hiking. I never used one but an acquaintance at the Marina has one, and he loves it.

    Marine charts are sold separately, and they're not cheap, but they're excellent.

    Customer support and after sales service - Yeah, Maggie is not so hot on this point, downright frigid in fact. But generally speaking they make a good product and the Crossover in particular has been praised in numerous reviews. So I think your wife did good and hopefully, you won't need to deal with Support. By and large, most people never have to contact support - it's only those with problems, hence the exceptions to the norm, that have call for help! So let's hope that you won't be part of the exception but in with the crowd!

    HTH - just an opinion, from a non-expert, just an ordinary GPS fan!

    HappyTrails! HappyWake! Drive Safe!
  • Your Crossover may work fine as mine does. I've had mine for 7 months or so. If you ever need tech support you will be in for a rude awakening. I would never have bought mine had I known.
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