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Magellan Products - I will NEVER make that mistake again

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I recently purchased the Crossover as a present for my father. I did a lot of research and although Garmin and TomTom were highly recommended to me from reliable sources I wanted one that he could use in the car as well as in the boat. Crossover seemed to be the ideal choice even though I didn't know anybody who owned a Magellan product.

I can't describe all the headaches from purchasing a Magellan product in this message but let me try to sum it up.

Let me start with the product. I was across the street from a Canadian Tire (anybody not familiar they're bigger than Home Depot in Canada) and punched it in the POI. It came back telling me the closest one was over 500 mi away. Thinking this may have been a one off problem I continued with large corporations (ie. Shell gas stations, etc.) and one by one it didn't return any. After numerous hours trying to get somebody at the company to tell me what I was doing wrong (read below for customer service) I find out that it's outdated software and the new version "should be out very shortly" and that it would only cost me no more than $100 for the upgrade (ie. almost 30% more on top of the original purchase price).

Additionally, it advertised it's great TOPO map capabilities yet I had to purchase a separate TOPO map for Ontario (I couldn't get all of Canada because each region would have cost more) for over $50.

The company has by far THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE I have ever experienced and this includes phone co's, cable co's, etc. ALL calls go to India (not kidding - I actually asked one of the supervisor's). Nobody will ever try to solve your problem without (trying) to transfer you at least 4 times and often either hanging up on you or putting you back in the queue after a MINIMUM of a 30 min wait.

This is all I can stomach typing right now but unless you have 2 - 3 hours to spend on a phone with the company everytime something goes wrong please do yourself a favour and buy one of the more reputable competitive products. A Magellan product just isn't worth it - regardless of what it 'advertises' it can do.


  • Ditto. Wouldn't touch another Magellan product for all the tea in ,,,,,India. It has become my hobby to let as many as possible know just what I think of Magellan.
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