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I have since gotten a new 3100 after the great update debacle from a month or so ago and I have not yet run the update(I have the old one but I am waiting for the new one to come out and hopefully work correctly) however I did hook it up via USB to my window XP SP2 laptop. On this one and my old one, the only thing that shows up in "My Computer" is my SD card, and if i take it out while hooked up, the drive goes away.

I have never gotten any prompts to install my Maestro from windows and if I do "add hardware" it finds nothing. What the heck do I have to do to get the 2nd drive to appear so I can make some changes and feel safe when applying the patch? Does anyone have a sure fire way to make this work such as the availability of drivers?

Thanks in advance.


  • I just connect the unit when I am on the blue warning screen that appears when you first turn on the unit. I then see both the SD card and the unit. The unit has the same hard drive icon as my other drives, so it is easy to miss it while the SD drive jumps out with the description "removable drive". I would double check again. You really do not want to do the update without backing up the entire unit first, not just the address book backup to the SD card that the GPS does.
  • I understand what would happen if it was working correctly. My computer has 2 drives listed, my HDD and my DVD burner. When I hook it up it has a third and that is the SD card. Nothing I do makes the GPS itself show up.

    Anyone know exactly what i can do to make it work as intended?
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