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Wrong Address for POI!

riffraf 0 Points
edited November -1 in Magellan Vehicle Forum
I was heading out to the local Bob's Store to buy some Patriots (wah-wah) stuff last week, and I ended up at a vacant lot.

Magellan listed the Middleton, MA store as 230 N. Main Street, when it is actually located at 230 S. Main Street. Those two locations are actually some 3.3 miles apart.

Has anyone else ended up at a totally wrong place?

If there's a bunch of these "hard wired" into the Magellan, maybe we should start a database?

I've checked the Magellan site. I can't find a way to inform them of POI mistakes. I'm not about to spend 55 minutes on hold to Bombay or wherever they are...



  • Tim 1500 Points
    That happens from time to time.
  • Not quiet sure if that is a Magellan problem or a navteq problem. Navteq provides the base maps for Magellan devices, and these maps contain poi's. That is a common problem with the constant changes that go on in life, businesses close or move, new roads are constructed, so to keep up with the ever changing things around us, can at times be difficult for a company to keep up with. Navteq has provided a section on their web site that you as a user can provide info regarding inconsistentcies in mapping and pio information. It is located here
    By you reporting these problems, it may help in the next map update they provide.
  • Marc 301 Points
    Actually, I live not too far from what would be 230 N. Main in Middleton.
    Here is something interesting. Go to and type in Bob's stores, Middleton, MA and it will list a store at both 230 N. Main and 230 S. Main!

    Looks like a Navteq problem to me!
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