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Garmin 60 CSX vs Lowrance iFinder Hunt C

Hi All,

I've been looking lately to replace my Lowrance iFinder Hunt with a color unit and was going to get the Hunt C which is a color unit until I read some of the reviews on the Garmin 60 CSX and what a great unit it is. Does anyone have knowledge of both units and how would you rank their strengths and weaknesses? I have never owned a Garmin although I've helped plenty of friends and relatives with older Garmins and setting them up and teaching them how to use them, mostly by trial and error and the occasional peak at the owners manual, if they remembered to bring it.

I am not impressed with Lowarances maps or their mapping software and the card reader system is pretty buggy too plus the files are in a proprietary format so that only Lowrances units can use them. As for the unit itself I think it functions very well and while it was a lot different from my Magellan SporTrak I didn't have too much trouble learning to use it. I'm very curious as to how the Hunt C's 16 channels would fare against the Garmin 60 CSX's SiRF III chipset in tough conditions. I would like to have the best reception in the worst conditions over tons of bells and whistles....

Any info or infromation would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, Roger


  • Tim 1474 Points
    I would go for the 60CSx. Like you mentioned, it has better maps and mapping software than the Lowrance devices. The chipset in the 60CSx is known as one of the best consumer chips in the industry and if you need the best performing reception on a consumer device it is hard to ignore the 60CSx.
  • Stykbow 0 Points
    HI Tim,

    Well I went to Gander Mountain today to compare the two units head to head and while they had a Hunt C and a 60 CS both had almost dead battery's and I wasn't able to do much but turn them on.

    The store clerk was kind enough to go outside with me and let me try both units outside but neither one was able to get a fix and the Garmin ran out of juice and the Lowrance was about too.

    From what I was able to check out I did like the look and feel of the Garmin plus it works with all my mapping software except the Lowrance of course and I like the way the battery compartment locks down like my old SporTrak.

    I'll keep you posted and I think I'll donate some dollar store battery's to Gander Mountain, times must really be tough....

    Thanks, Roger
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