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I need a favor please (anyone)

swp4lfeswp4lfe 0 Points
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Can someone upload into a folder a copy of there NAVIGON 7100 North American SD Card, I think the problem with my GPS is this card. So if someone can copy everything from there original card and upload to a file sharing website (,,, etc..) I can then put those files/software onto a blank card and maybe that will fix my problem.

Also i am downloading the newer APRIL 08 version from the NAVIGON website and maybe that will work.

ALSO I can not copy my files from my original SD Card and place them on my computer. I get this error and also my files on my card are labeled strange. I took a screenshot of the error i get and the names of my files on the card. I really need someone to assist me so i can narrow down the problem before i attempt to get a refund.



  • Tim 1484 Points
    It wouldn't really be legal for someone to do so..... I'd contact Navigon support.
  • Register on the Navigon website and you can download the 1.2 update, either the full install or the ZIP file. It should install the complete SD card. Map and all.

    If that does not work, your SD card may be bad. Then you should call Navigon support and they can send you a replacement SD card.
  • Well i went out and bought a 4gb SD card and downloaded the new NAVIGON Software onto the card and the GPS unit works wonderfully. I didnt even have to set up my location, IT automatically had it set when i powered on the unit. So does anyone know how I can get a NEW NAVIGON SD CARD ( the one that came with the GPS unit) Its ridiculous that it is not in 100% working order.
  • Call Navigon. Worst case scenario is that they might ask you to fax them your receipt/proof or purchase. Then they will send you a new card.
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