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Portable GPS system for Car and Hunting

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Is there a portable GPS navaigation device that can be used for the car and hunting? I was thinking about getting my father one for Christmas and he is a Real estate agent and a hunter and I thought if there is a device that would work for both it would be perfect!

Please let me know if such a device exists and why it can be applicable to both these scenarios.

A friend of mine recomended the Garmin 650, but can this be used in the woods as well? Why or why not?

Thanks very much in advanced!


  • Check out the Magellan 2200T and 2500T models. Magellan calls them thier "crossover devices".

    I have a 2200T that works well. Magellan has a software upgrade package for $49.95 that they claim will upgrade the 2200T so that it can be used for automobile navigation, land navigation and marine navigation. I have ordered the upgrade but have not installed it as of yet. I believe the 2500T comes with the software installed. The size of the upgrade is 126meg so there must be some significant capability.
  • Boyd 2002 Points
    A friend of mine recomended the Garmin 650, but can this be used in the woods as well? Why or why not?
    I had a 650 for awhile and gave it to my daughter. It's a nice unit, and it will work on batteries out of the car. However it may not be a great choice for Hunting. First, it has a flip-up antenna which must be open for the GPS to operate (when you close the antenna it actually turns off the GPS receiver). This would make it less than ideal carry in your pocket. Also, the overall form factor of a widescreen auto GPS is rather awkward for any serious handheld use. The batteries are internal and cannot be replaced by the user, so you can only expect a couple hours run time. That would likely be a problem for any serious hunting trips.

    For a real estate agent, you should consider a unit with multi-stop routing and the 650 doesn't support that. Take a look at the Nuvi 500 series. It is designed for both handheld and auto use and supports multi stop routes. Also comes pre-loaded with full US Topo maps in addition to City Navigator maps.

    Unfortunately it doesn't have many of the software features that "real" handheld GPS'es have, and I don't think it does text-to-speech in the car (it might say "turn right in 1.5 miles" as opposed to "turn right on Main St. in 1.5 miles). Nevertheless it might be a reasonable compromise for someone who isn't already accustomed to lots of bells and whistles.
  • I just wanted to thank everyone for their input. It is greatly appreciated !!!!!
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