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Finding a POI on or near my route

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Another question for you guys and gals. Today I was in an area of town I was unfamiliar with and so used GPS to get home. I remembered I needed to go by the bank and so wanted to tell the unit to find a bank along my route. The best I could figure out, I had two options to do this, but neither is what I wanted. First, there is the option to show POIs along the route, BUT you can't choose; it is just a list by mileage of the POIs you will encounter while driving the route and it only showed POIs for a mile or so. The second option I found was to choose an "interim destination" which showed the POI category list and allowed me to search for the bank. The only problem was that it doesn't list POIs along the route, it lists all POIs near you (of course that is the definition of "search nearby"). The closest bank happened to be behind me in the opposite direction, but I didn't know that until I chose it and told it to navigate there. So, I had to cancel that destination and search again. This time I chose the next closest bank, but when it started the navigation the bank, while close, was completely out of the way and more than doubled my travel time. Is there any way to search only those POIs along or near the route???


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    Welcome to the Wonderful World of Navigon Nonsense! :lol:

    First - When you Search for POI on Route the only POIs you will see are the ones you have designated in Direct Access 1, 2, and 3 positions. I believe the default designations are Restaurants, Gas, and ??? (I can't remember the 3rd. I have changed mine.) Changes are done in Settings. On a trip I may change one POI setting to Parking and Rest Areas as Rest Areas are sometimes important to know on that long ride. Unfortunately Navigon does not dynamically update the distance to the POIs as you get closer, nor can you tap on one, in this mode, to see the location on the map. (Major malfunction IMHO) Also, Nearby POI search only searches out 6.2 miles, but that can be modified. I have adjusted my 7200 to search out to about 30 miles and when I see POIs "On my Route" I am seeing out 26 miles on the current 200 mile route I have running. From what I am seeing it is accurately showing me restaurants, banks, and rest areas that I would pass by. (I changed my DA settings for this little test)

    Navigon's menus and functions still confuse me as I also use a Garmin and a Mio at times. I do feel Garmin does it a better way - such as your original problem, searching for a bank, and inserting it as a "via" point or intermin destination. Garmin also shows a directional arrow pointing to each POI in the list so you know if it is ahead or behind. Such simple concepts that seem to have eluded Navigon.

    You will find that not all GPSRs do what we think we want them to do. I only have about 1.5 million POIs in a 7200 and the 8100 has 5 million so you stand a much better chance of finding the POI you need, if that is any consolation.

    I'm sure there are others that have found a solution that is escaping me on this one.
  • I knew about the 6.3mile thing and I also read how I could change it, I guess on a 200 mile trip up to a 20 mile detour might not be so bad, but I use it more locally. I just found it inconvenient for it to send me completely off my route to go to the bank. I used to have a TomTom 920 and at first I thought it had far more features, but I am learning bit by bit the features are in the 8100 just not as obvious. Tomtom has something similar to the Garmin for searching POIs along your route, but it had two types of arrows, one that meant it was on your route, and one that mean you had to deviate from your route and it very rarely ever navigated you in the opposite direction unless the POI was less than 1/2 mile behind you but it would tell you that before you choose it. As you said about the Garmin, etc. I think other units do things a bit better or easier.

    I also haven't figure out out to "plan" a trip and put in what TomTom called "waypoints" to create a travel route or A to B planning.
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    I guess on a 200 mile trip up to a 20 mile detour might not be so bad, but I use it more locally.
    NO, on the route I had running it pretty much showed me POIs right on the current roads or very close. No big detours, which I would not tolerate either. Maybe it seemed to work because of limited POIs on the 7200.

    I also haven't figure out out to "plan" a trip and put in what TomTom called "waypoints" to create a travel route or A to B planning.
    On the 7200 at the Main Menu (New Destination, My Destinations, etc.) go straight to Options button at the bottom of the screen. There it is: Route Planning. There are other ways to get to that, but that is the easiest and most direct.

    It's getting late, Please return your seat to the upright position, stow your snack tray and turn off all electrical devices...... :wink:
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