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Need help: StreetPilot C330 North America NT 2009 update

1. I can unlock the map, but cannot upload it to the device:

MapSource says the device does not have enough memory space. I read from online saying if we run the map Setup.exe the software will remove the old map in the device then I can upload the new map.

2. So the question comes to how to make Setup.exe run - i.e. I need a Product Key (is it 8 digits?) to get it working. Can someone help?

3. I read that another way is to copy the map .img files to the device. But I cannot see Garmin in Windows Explorer even though I've updated the USB driver, operating system, etc. using USB connection. Can some help?

Many thanks,


  • 1. Buy 2GB SD card.
    2. Buy key from Garmin.
    3. Not possible.
  • Regarding Item 3. The C300 series receivers do not show up as a removable drives in windows even with the drivers installed. The C500 series and the all the Nuvis support this feature.
  • Well, folks, it turns out that although the StreetPilot C330 doesn't show up in Windows as a drive in 'My Computer', you can erase the old maps and copy a brand new 'gmapprom.img' file into the unit, thereby updating the maps to whatever you'd like... as long as you have a valid 25-character unlock code for those maps that's specific to your particular StreetPilot C330. That, of course, generally means buying said unlock code from Garmin.

    You can turn a U.S. unit into a European unit, an Australian unit, what-have-you... and then back again!

    No more problems with not enough memory for the entire mapset !!! No more problems with only having enough room to copy over some of your new maps because you can't get rid of the old !!!

    How does one go about doing this? Gee, I thought you'd never ask!

    The info in question has recently been posted to and discussed heavily in another forum, and although the discussion there focuses on the StreetPilot 2720, the methodology is identical... and easy. Please see and read carefully the following thread; it's not very long, and it's incredibly informative.

    Believe me, I've used this simple, straightforward procedure multiple times, and have found it to be precisely what the doctor ordered!
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