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speedcam sound on 314 [HP]

jimmyb 0 Points
hi all,could some kind soul please tell me how to change that hideous turkey strangling alert you get when approaching a speed cam.its driving me nuts.
it stays on for about 0.6 of a mile.
thanks, jim.


  • johnb 0 Points
    If you haven't done so, you might want to read where there are some comments by Sallyann (first and last pages) on how to make it more tolerable.
  • jimmyb 0 Points
    thanks john,i'll do that now.
  • johnb 0 Points
    Sallyann wrote:

    1 - The repetitive beeps on approach to a speedcam, even when driving below the speed limit, are very loud in relation to other sounds and can be annoying.
    It's possible to replace the beep with a less piercing note. You can use any sound file you like to replace the original sound file, which is located in the file at "\audio\sectionbeepB.wav".
    I found that one of the other provided sound files, "\audio\!ding.wav", was a gentler but still audible substitute, so I used a copy of this to replace it.

    2 - Likewise if you dislike the 'strangled turkey' noise when over the speed limit, this is "\audio\!alert5.wav" and you can replace it with something less stressful. I use "\audio\!navdingding.wav"

    You just need to edit them in the audio directory of (no need to go near the engineering mode :wink:) although you might want to take a backup first.
  • jimmyb 0 Points
    thanks john,so when i go into ipaq/nav/ i find the audio folder which are all .wav
    i think no.5 is the strangled turkey sound.
    do i just delete no5 and replace in the same position with a copy of the ding.wav which is further down the in the audio file ?
    i thought these where just the audio files the 314 uses when warning about something and that if you deleted one it would just not sound when the relavant warning came to be triggered on the 314.
    there does'nt seem to be a .wav file anywere in the speedcam folder were you could simply replace the associated warning/sound with a new one.
    thanks again,
  • johnb 0 Points
    1. rename the strangled turkey - so you can always rename it back if you decide you prefer it!
    2 copy the ding file
    3 rename the ding copy to whatever no 5 was.
  • jimmyb 0 Points
    done. thanks john.
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