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2100 Max POI Updates

animestar 0 Points
edited November -1 in NAVIGON Forum
I just purchased this as a referb unit.

US Release 1.0
Version 6.5.2-build-38 03/06/2008
CE Version: 1.0202
Program: 080306-2140

I have noticed that stores like Best Buy, Home Depot, Lowes are not listed in the POI. If anyone has an updated unit can you please tell me if these are now listed. If not I may be returning it.

thank you...


  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Take a look at the thread "where is toyota" for a post regarding Navigon offering new POIs.

    The last map update Q1 2009 did add Home Depot to the POI listings, but still does not show all long standing HD's in my area. IOW, still comes up short on that store.

    I have a 7200t and it has more POIs out of the box than lower models. It does have a sub-category for Best Buy, complete with store icon, which suggests that BB paid to be in the list. The closest Lowe's that mine shows is 17 miles away and it does not show three that are much closer (withing 5-7 miles).

    The 8100 model has a better POI database than any others at this point. New models will be coming out (see other thread re new models) and hopefully they will offer more POIs out of the box. Who knows!!

    If POIs are a big concern you "shoulda bot a Garmin" :lol:
  • Do you know how may FreshMap updates Navigon provided in 2007? I read a review on the Newegg site that:

    "The 3 year use expires for me in 30 months after I logged on the card. There has been only one update since the beginning that they got out in early August 2008."

    How true is that?
  • Spyder63 331 Points
    Nope. I bought my first Navigon, a 7100, and only had it for a few weeks back in Dec 2007, but it went back for lack of POIs and poor route calculations. I bought a 7200t in Nov 2008. I have only received one map update since - Q1 2009 and as I stated in the other thread the POIs did improve a little, but still cannot hold a candle to Garmin or Tom Tom.
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