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Dividing POIs Into Groups?

When I use the POI loader to add POIs it puts them into the same group. Is there a way to separate POIs into groups? Something like Friends, Restaurants, Museums, Dog Parks, Rest Homes for Space Aliens, etc.? If so, how?


  • Very simple. Right now you should have one "master" folder on your computer that contains all of the POI files. And that folder is the one you point to when you run POI Loader.

    All you need to do is create subfolders within the existing "master" folder and place the corresponding POI files within each subfolder. So in your example you would create a subfolder called Friends and then move the Friends POI file to that subfolder, and then create a subfolder called Restaurants and move the restaurant POI files to that subfolder, etc.

    Then when you run POI Loader you still point to the "master" folder.

    When you go to Extras you will then see each category you created with subfolders.
  • i_am_jim 81 Points
    Thanks for your reply.

    When you say "create a subfolder called Friends," I assume you mean go to the drive that's the Nuvi and create a folder using Windows.

    When you say "move the Friends POI file to that subfolder," do you mean using the POIload3er create a "Current.gpx" file that contains only Friends entries, and move this file to the Friends folder using Windows? Then create another Current.gpx file with only Restaurants in it and move it to the Restaurants folder, etc.?
  • No no no. All of this is done on your computer. Not on the GPS.

    Right now you have a folder on YOUR COMPUTER which contains all of your POI files. Just create the subfolders inside that existing folder on your COMPUTER.

    If you want exact instructions than tell us where your existing POI files are located on your COMPUTER. For example c\gps\POI Files
  • i_am_jim 81 Points
    Okay, I think I see. The POI loader loads the subfolders too?
  • i_am_jim 81 Points
    I tried it this morning and it works great.

    Thanks for the help.
  • sdault 80 Points
    Another nice tip is to load each "Friend" folder separately. After loading the first folder go into the Nuvi and rename the poi.gpi created to a different name. Example Rest Areas.gpi. Then repeat this for each folder. Not only do you get your POI's in categories, but you don't have to upload all them if only one changes.
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