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GPS voltage

I want to have my Garmin Nuvi 350 wired directly into my mototrcycle. I had read on a forum that the voltage is too high at 12 volts and that it needs to be reduced to around 5 volts in order to not burn the unit up. I question this, but want to make sure before I go ahead and have my unit wired directly at 12 volts. Thanks


  • SergZak 340 Points
    If at all possible & you can stand the vehicle plug being attached somewhere (hidden) to the bike, I'd leave the 12v adapter circuitry intact, complete with installed fuse. It may make things easier in the long run since you'll need to fuse it anyways, even if it did tolerate 12v directly (I really don't think it will).

    Edit: looking at the product posted above by lordgrinz, there is definite voltage reduction going on (in-line transformer)...I think direct to 12v would indeed fry the unit.
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