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MapSource question, how to add maps?


I have a MapSource question. How do you add maps?
I have the DVD upgrade 2009 map.
I have a TOPO map.


  • tomj03 0 Points
    Usually when you install 2 maps from 2 Mapsource DVD's the maps will co-exist. The newer Mapsource will take precedence, but the map that come with the old Mapsource still stays.
    If Garmin changes the game recently then I don't know.
    If you have a map that comes in an IMG format (SD card) then it takes lot of hacking. I didn't even bookmark the site because I wasn't interested.
  • Blue Flame 91 Points
    I thought you could use TOPO with it...
  • You may want to check out this site for free topo maps. I downloaded three topo maps and all installed easily to Mapsource and my 750.
  • Boyd 1987 Points
    Each time you install a new map (from DVD or download), the installer should add it to Mapsource. You should be able to choose the map you want in Mapsource using the dropdown list. I have City Navigator, US Topo 2008 and Ibycus US all available myself.
  • Blue Flame 91 Points
    Each time I start mapsorce up, I seem to have a different map, often a very basic one. Some times when I have it connect to the Nuvi, I get its map, then some times not??? Today it said, no maps available? I put the TOPO map (that's on a card) in the Nuvi, and retried, still get no maps available?
  • Boyd 1987 Points
    Preloaded maps on a storage card cannot be using in Mapsource. Maps installed on the Nuvi should not make any difference either. So I'm not really sure what is going on. Weird...
  • lordgrinz 0 Points
    Can I use the installed maps on the Nuvi inside Mapsource? Or do I have to have a DVD or download from Garmin to do so? I used the method on GPSFiledepot to get Mapsource, but it used a basemap, and I cant seem to download the map off the Device.
  • I'm having the same problem... I want to load the map of my nuvi205 into mapsource. From there i want to try to load it into my handheld GPS(Garmin Legend hcx).. Anyone know if this can be done?
  • ifse 0 Points
    I want to load the map of my nuvi205 into mapsource.
    You can't do that. You need to have the map on DVD. Otherwise you can't extract it from the GPS into the PC for use with MapSource.
  • Boyd 1987 Points
    Actually there's a bigger issue as well. Even if you could extract the map from your Nuvi 205, it couldn't be used on your Legend. The City Navigator maps are copy protected and are permanently locked to a single GPS. You need to buy a separate copy of the map for each device it is used on.
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