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Magellan 6000t problems

CNCrepairguy 0 Points
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I bought a magellan 6000t about a month ago. All seemed fine for about three weeks. Now every time I turn it on it resets itself. This is a big problem for me as I use it everyday for business, when it resets it loses all of my adresses. Also it resets my position to Denver. I am in Dallas. I tried to update my unit from magellans website and got a message that the update was not valid for my unit. I called magellan and they said they were aware of the problem and would release a new update soon. I have also had numerous problems with the Bluetooth functionality, it seems to lose connectivity with my phone on a regular basis. Also when the unit resets it loses my traffic subscription and I have to re-enter the code. I called magellan today and they are sending me a new unit with the updated software. I will post again to let people know how the new one works. If it is the same as before I will have a 6000t for sale CHEAP!!!!!


  • Tim 1484 Points
    Did you get any further help from Magellan? Did you get a new unit?
  • Well its 12-28 and still no replacemnt unit. I called Magellan and spoke with the typical outsourced Indian (*india) and she explained to me how it would be another 7-10 days before the UNIT SHIPPED :x . I am very disapointed with Magellan. There is a new update on their web page (1.21) but you must install the old update (1.16) first. 1.16 will not install on my unit.
    Disgruntled, magellan is a P.O.S.
    Buy a Garmin Or a TomTom :evil:
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