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moving current.gpx from 680 to 265?

I want to move my favorites from an old unit to a new one.

I've followed the instructions for moving the current.gpx file from an old unit (nuvi 680) to a new one (265wt) and it seems like the 265wt keeps overwriting the file I place there with it's original file.

Any ideas? I've tried to delete the current.gpx on the new one, tried to overwrite it. After I reboot the 265wt, the original file size keeps showing up.

any suggestions? Thanks! Sean


  • lordgrinz 0 Points
    Well I know that file is an XML file, the top has a header on it that names the device and some version numbers. Maybe you need to adjust the file in a text editor to match the current one? I wouldnt know without having another unit to try it with, but as long as the structure is the same I would think it would work.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Try the method SergZak outlined in this thread.
  • djjazzy 0 Points
    I backed up the original .gpx file, then did the reset. Copied the original .gpx file over but there were no favorites. But when you rename the the .gpx file as "temp.gpx" on the nuvi after the reset, then copy the backed up file to the nuvi, favorites are there. Now does anyone know if I can now delete the "temp.gpx" file I created on the Nuvi?
  • SergZak 340 Points
    Yes, you can delete temp.gpx after the nuvi imports the favorites from it.
  • seanfl 0 Points
    Thank you for the replies. Before I checked back in, I ended up using mapsource, downloading them from the old and uploading them to the new and it work. any disadvantage to how I did it? It seemed to keep the addresses connected (years ago, it ended up just sending the gps coordinates when I moved from a 400 unit up to the 680).

  • Boyd 1987 Points
    Actually I think Mapsource is the best way to do this. For some reason it doesn't usually work when you just copy the current.gpx file (in my experience).

    Also realize that the "real" favorites are stored in some protected area where users cannot access them. The current.gpx file is just a "shadow" of the real data. Depending on whether you model has these features, it may also contain your track and any routes which you have imported. With mapsource you can choose which of these (waypoints/routes/tracks) you want to import/export.
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