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Garmin US Topo 24K - East or Northeast?

I did a search on this forum but was not able to find any answers to my question. Does anyone know the timeline that Garmin has for releasing the rest of the Topo 24K maps? I'm specifically looking for the Northeast region or East. Planning to do a lot of hiking, biking and paddling this summer starting with a week-long trip in Acadia NP. I'm aware of the National Parks version but wanted a more extensive coverage of U.S.

P.S. I have a new Oregon 400T.


  • Tim 1481 Points
    I don't believe they have committed to or mentioned a release date.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Acadia is one of my favorite places - lots of great memories from that beautiful place :D

    You might grow old waiting for Garmin to release a Northeast topo I'm afraid (but I really don't know). They seem to like the Western states... just look at their products like the Oregon and the Colorado. Don't hold your breath waiting for them to introduce one called "the Maine" :wink:

    Have you looked at the free topos on Some of them are quite nice... and they're free!
  • coldstream 91 Points
    ^ I didn't know about the free topos so I will check it out. As for Acadia, this is our 3rd trip in 5 years. Absolutely love the town, the park and slew of activities you can do all in one place!
  • lordgrinz 0 Points
    I dont know how much better the Garmin Maps are, but the last ones I downloaded from GPSFiledepot were about as much as I would expect from Garmin, not sure how much more they could add to them.
  • Cavehunter 81 Points
    I will second (or third) what others have said about the free map downloads at I have downloaded their 24K maps of AL, GA, FL, NC, and TN. All of them fit on my 2G MicroSD card on my GPS Map76CSx, and they work great. I, too, have been waiting for Garmin to release the 24K Topos of my part of the country. And I have searched all over the internet, Garmin's web site, etc., etc., and I have been unable to get any kind of timetable for when they will release them. The only advantage the Garmin maps appear to have over the ones I have now is auto-routing capability. I'm not sure that's worth the $ they charge for these maps. From what I've seen of the screenshots of the Garmin maps, the free ones look just as good.
  • coldstream 91 Points
    I downloaded a couple of topo maps from the free site but now I need a microSD card. Since I have a Oregon 400T, is there a limitation on what the maximum size it can take? Will a microSDHC work as well?
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    According to Garmin it is 4GB, but I have read that people use Sandisk 8GB ok too. There are some limits on map sizes however. As I understand the Oregon, a map file cannot be larger than 4GB and cannot contain more than 4000 segments.

    But this gets more complicated as the 4000 limit pertains to ALL maps loaded on the unit, including any pre-loaded maps and the basemap. So based on this, it sounds like there wouldn't be much point in getting a card larger than 4gb, unless perhaps you want to record LOTS of tracks and use LOTS of maps.
  • coldstream 91 Points
    ^ Thanks Boyd! That is helpful and I will stick with 4GB for now. Off to Best Buy this afternoon!
  • KattKatt 0 Points
    The only advantage the Garmin maps appear to have over the ones I have now is auto-routing capability.
    Not true for the topo maps. The roads show up, but they are not routable and you will be stuck with the routing from the very sparse base road map. You will need to purchase City Navigator to get turn-by-turn street level guidance.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Not true for the topo maps. The roads show up, but they are not routable and you will be stuck with the routing from the very sparse base road map.
    Well it depends on which topo maps you're talking about. The Garmin US Topo 100k (AKA US Topo 2008) maps are not routable, as you say. But the new 24k series of Garmin topo maps do feature routable roads and trails. This is one reason they are so expensive, and they are also copy protected like the City Navigator maps (presumably because they contain Navteq data).

    A review of these maps was posted awhile ago on another site and the author said the routing worked very well. But of course, coverage is still very limited for these new maps and it would be ridiculously expensive to purchase maps for the entire country even if they were available.
  • coldstream 91 Points
    ^ Boyd, are the trails pre-loaded on the Oregon 400T routable? I am about to head to the Acadia NP in less than two weeks and that would be a nice feature to have.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    The Oregon 400t is pre-loaded with US Topo 100k (aka US Topo 2008). Nothing is routable on that map unfortunately.

    Take a look at Garmin's US Topo 24k National Parks East:

    According to Garmin:
    TOPO U.S. 24K National Parks – East includes national parks, national forests and major state parks with park boundaries, camping and picnic areas, wilderness campsites, ranger stations, routable roads and trails, searchable points of interest — and vertical elevation profile and DEM shading on compatible devices.
    I have not used these maps so I can't offer any personal insights. But if you go to the URL above and click on "View Map" you can use Garmin's map viewer to see the coverage areas. Set the detail to "more" in order to see everything.
  • coldstream 91 Points
    ^ Thanks Boyd, I hike, bike often and I see there are some other parks covered in the East version. I just may take a hit and try that. I rarely get lost on trails but there have been a few occasions where the trail was poorly marked and we lost our way and had to figure out how to get back.
  • gmanmp 0 Points
    google this:

    its not on the garmin site.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    What are we supposed to learn from that? I believe it is a discontinued product which consisted of the Northeastern US States from Garmin's US Topo 100k series on a pre-loaded data card(or this is what I see from one of the Google hits).

    It makes more sense to buy the DVD version of US Topo 100k and load your own data cards for the regions which interest you IMO. Regardless, the 100k topo's have been around for awhile and are completely different from the 24k Topo's.
  • gmanmp 0 Points
    Well he was specifically looking for the northeast regions and discontinued or not from garmin, it is still available online. Just trying to help BOYD.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Sorry if I came across as a bit harsh. I understand... but that product is the same map as the US Topo 100k DVD which you can still purchase. But the DVD includes the entire US and is a much better deal than buying just the Northeast on a data card.

    Unfortunately there is a lot of confusion here because the original poster asked about "Garmin US Topo 24K - East or Northeast?", but there is no such thing as a 24k US Topo East or Northeast.
  • I have the Garmin 530 and have the Garmin Topo U.S. 2008 loaded into
    my unit. Its a little pricey but works superb, and it has routes and trails
    on it. I go all over in Maine hiking, and believe this is fantastic. For hiking
    Acadia, it would be a snap. I had to install from the dvd, but if you have
    the hcx version you can just insert the chip, and wallah you are there.
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