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I have connections to garmin reps

bmwrider 0 Points
edited November -1 in GPS Discussions
I see garmin reps about 4 times a year in my store and if i can help any of you I will try, just don't expect everything I can only do so much, but would be glad to try.


  • lordgrinz 0 Points
    I want Raster Map support, they say its there but no info on how to use it, basically I want the ability to upload USGS 1:24K maps to my Nuvi 500.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    The Nuvi 500 supports raster imagery, but they don't make a USGS topo product. In the UK they have released raster-based copies of "OS Maps", which is their equivalent of USGS topo's.

    But careful what you wish for... look at the pricing for those maps. I count 38 different products each listing for $180... so you could own the whole set for only $6,800! :shock:

    The only way to "use" this capability is to purchase a compatible Garmin map product. They don't disclose their map formats and nobody has yet reverse engineered this new one. Basically, if you want raster imagery you need to get something other than Garmin at the present time.
  • bmwrider 0 Points
    I will ask about 1:24k maps for the nuvi, the rep calls the topo for the 500 topo lite, I think they will introduce a new unit with better maps rather than making software for a unit that is already considered old to them, please don't shoot the messenger I've been talking to the same 2 reps for 4 years now and they have been popping out new units much faster the software, this is just a guess, but I will ask and tell the rep that many customers want it, I hope this helps, please remember I only see a rep about 4 times a year.
  • Tim 1481 Points
    Garmin hinted to me that there are some big software updates coming out this summer for the Nuvi 500 and 550. They wouldn't say what those updates were, but the fact they mentioned it at all means that it isn't a typical application update to address a few bugs.
  • Boyd 1985 Points
    Wonder if they will introduce a 24k topo map for the whole US? The regional ones are $130 now, so either they would have to drop that way down or charge something outrageous for full coverage. Or maybe they will release a 24k product without the routable roads to keep the cost down?

    But I think what people really want is aerial imagery with vector mapping available on another layer and the Nuvi 500 supports that. But looking at their GB Discoverer, don't expect it to be cheap...
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