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Hiking with GPS and magnetic compass

airgunner23airgunner23 0 Points
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Curious as to how people use their hiking GPS units with their magnetic compasses. I set the GPS north reference to magnetic north and twist the bearings on the mag compass and don't worry about magnetic variation/declination. I feel that's easier because I don't have to know mag var for each and every place I may go. Does anyone use true north as a GPS reference and either mathematically adjust or set the offset on the mag compass? If so, why and do you feel it's better than my method?


  • Anyone?
  • lordgrinz 0 Points
    I just use the GPS to record the track log after I am done, I would love to load up a custom route for trails I havent taken yet, but I dont know where to find any. The compass I would think wouldnt be of much use, unless I lost my way or was maybe geocaching, but I really dont have a use for it. If I am hiking I have a true compass anyway, and still only need that in an emergency, so I doubt I will use it.

    I typically use a USGS map printout and decide where I am based on what I see on the map. Thats why I wish I could load up USGS maps on my Nuvi 500, that would be of more use than anything while hiking. But at least I have the custom maps from GPSFieldepot, they are quite nice, just lacking buildings and landmarks to better help with finding current location. I would buy the Delorme PN-40 but I dont really want two GPS units, so I will live with the Nuvi 500 for now.
  • Geocaching is exactly what I use it for.
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