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GPS Recommendation Advice

skipcam 0 Points
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I need advice on what GPS device to purchase based on the following criterias.

I want a GPS device for both driving and walking.
I only drive in the United States.
I will be deployed in Europe and would like to use it to find my way around.
I prefer it to be small to carry in my pocket.

The only device that seems to fit my needs is the garmin nuvi 500 or 550. Are those my best options? Any advice is greatly appreciated.


  • KattKatt 0 Points
    The general consensus (and I agree) is to buy a good walking/hiking/field GPS and a separate unit for the car. You can get a great Nuvi 200 series unit for the car for just over $100. Car units do not make good outdoor hand held units because they are usually more fragile, not water resistant, have very limited battery life and do not offer common field GPS type features. Outdoor units aren't great for car navigation because you have to buy street level maps, a cradle and a power cord thereby increasing the price considerably. You could buy a Nuvi 200 for the cost of those accessories and have a complete car navigation system AND still have a great "walkin' around" hand held. Then there's also the small screen and no spoken directions. Since you said you'll only be driving in the US, just leave the Nuvi at home and take the hand held. You can also buy the street level navigation maps (City Navigator Europe) for some of the Garmins and that would be handy for points of interest as the driving issues, like the text/beep only directions, cradle and power cord, won't be a problem on foot.

    There really isn't a good unit that can do both right now. The Nuvi 500/550 is trying to break this barrier, but I don't think they are quite there yet, especially since they take a funky rechargeable battery pack, which could be very difficult to find abroad or you'd have to buy extra packs beforehand (expensive at around $40-50 a pop). I'd much rather have one that takes cheap AAs on foot any day of the week and doesn't need a charger, which is yet another unneeded piece of gear to take on deployment. Believe me, I know...
  • tomj03 0 Points
    edited May 2009
    I feel guilty using thrown away "AA".
    Lots of handhelds can be used with recheargeable NiMH. With 2 extras in your pocket (2700, 2800 mAH) you can walk all day.
  • KattKatt 0 Points
    I feel guilty using thrown away "AA".
    Lots of handhelds can be used with recheargeable NiMH. With 2 extras in your pocket (2700, 2800 mAH) I can walk all day.
    And that's another viable way to go. My point is AAs, either disposable or rechargeable, can be found just about anywhere in the world. Not so for proprietary rechargeable packs.
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