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Q2 2009 Map Update What are new icons & features?

LocateGCL 0 Points
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Finally got Freshmaps registered and updated card/GPS.
Couple questions need to be answered please.
After the update, I did notice some changes from the original 2100Max screen I was used to seeing. That is,

1) What is the "W" in the top right side of the screen? (compass direction?)

2) Pressing the "standby" icon (bottom left) turns off unit completely or stanby mode or what?

3) Automatic Standby (General screen) selection, best (time) choice?

4) If I were to take out current SD card and insert an earlier SD card (pre Q2 2009 or original), would GPS still work off card eventhough Q2 2009 may have updated 2100Max (firmware,etc.?)

Couple other things I noticed after this posting and need to know as well.

How do I know what version installed MN6 or MN7?
Reason I'm asking is that I noticed my POI missing in the directories (SD card) as per reading some posts about this problem. Do I just copy data in older (backup) SD card to new one or use older card or I'm out of luck?

So far I like the screen as is but obviously more options may come in time.
If anyone can provide me some information, I would really appreciate it.


  • Yes, that is a compass in the upper right corner and you should be able to turn it on or off in the settings.

    The only icon change I've noticed so far is in the last map update they added railroad grade crossing sawbucks with the two red lights. In this map update, it has been changed to the more universal yellow round RR crossing sign with the black X in the middle splitting the two Rs.
  • LocateGCL 0 Points
    Thanks Thunder Dump for some information that I was not aware of (RR).
    Still need information about POI and other features that may have been left out.
    Any more information would be appreciated.
  • AlexM555 0 Points
    Another change that I've noticed is that the traffic announcement has changed on my 8100T. Instead of the traffic lady saying: "New traffic condition, please check your screen", she now says: "A new traffic notice concerns your route."

  • LocateGCL 0 Points
    Ok...took GPS out today and found out solutions to my questions.

    1) Compass direction box on top right screen.

    2) Gps will go to stanby in 30 seconds when ignition is turned off.

    3) Automatic standby better understood now (see 2).

    4) Did not try yet using another SD card with an earlier version.

    Not biggie on MN6/MN7 version installed. The POI is based upon selection of "sites" selected to see on screen while on route. The speed limit is something I did not see before I like now and the lane enhancement image before turning off route. Additionally, proper naming of roads rather than the route number.
    I like the updates and hope more to come in the future. Navigon, don't forget your US buyers. Also I hope a Canadian map may be available (eventhough it was promised a full year ago) like the CDN version GPS.
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