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265WT traffic - no service? Should I keep it or the 780?

I currently have a 265WT and a 780 at home and I am trying to figure out which (if either) to keep. I have not been able to see any traffic alerts on the 265WT, nor anything which makes it seem like it's even picked up the traffic signal. What would tell me if it had a signal (someone told me a green circle around the car icon, I haven't seen that).

The 780 traffic is MSN and it works fine. The gas prices are nice but I find they are not as complete as I'd like (and this is comparing them to the MSN Gas Prices website, so I am not questioning whether MSN has the data). The other MSN features are nice but not important to me.

I prefer the 265's newer display layout and the voice quality seems much better (the 780 seems very scratchy, maybe it is the voice/volume I have it set to). I don't like the 265's window mount, which is terribly cheap, I really hate that you have to plug the cable into the unit and THEN mount it. The 780's mount is much nicer.

Both units cost me $199, the 780 at Amazon and the 30 days to return are up on Wednesday, the 265WT at Costco so I can return it at any time, including keeping it for a little while longer to see if I like it and trying to get the traffic to work or find something better. Obviously the actual cost of the 780 is higher due to the MSN service fee.

So how do I get the 265's traffic to work or to show me some status? Any suggestions on which (if either) to keep?

Update: I just found another thread here, it seems like I should have a red LED on my power cable and I don't think it is lit, so maybe it is defective and I need to get a replacement from Costco. I also checked the Navtek traffic site and it seems like I should have service in my area.


  • JerryD 0 Points
    I hate to ask the really obvious. Some units (I'm not sure if the 265T is one of them) come with two cables. Are you sure you're using the traffic receiver? Yes, the red light should be lit. If it's not, either the cable or the power outlet is defective, or the receiver cable isn't pushed in far enough. I've seen this happen with other cables.
  • It only has one cable and it has a rectangular piece near the top which I assume is the receiver. Also, it's plugged in far enough so the GPS is getting power, I'd expect that would be enough to power the FM receiver as well.
  • JerryD 0 Points
    The good news, if you've got a moment to spare, is that you've got time to return the defective 265T to Costco, get a new one, and still be able to compare the 2 units before your 30 days with Amazon runs out.
  • Yes, I will be near Costco Monday and I guess I will run in and exchange it. I was actually just there on Friday to get my $20 back since I originally bought it right before the recent sale (which ended Sunday). I hadn't really thought about there being a problem with the unit, I just figured I was not in an area with service. But I just checked their map and I should have service available in my area.

    The 780 is an interesting problem since I do like the MSN service and would REALLY like it if they managed to download ALL of the gas stations rather than a random sampling, which for some reason does NOT include the cheapest in the area. And the sound kind of bothers me.

    Of course option 3 is just return them both and wait for something else to become available at a comparable price. I like the lane display of the new 7x5 models but those seem to have some really bad reviews. I have to imagine that I can find something else that I will really like for around $200.
  • JerryD 0 Points
    Check yesterday's Best Buy circular for their exclusive 1250T & 1300T. However, Best Buy's return policy regarding GPSs is not user friendly if it's just that you're unhappy with the unit. (restocking fee)
  • SergZak 340 Points
    The integrated mount (pop unit on/pop unit off) can be a deal-breaker for many users, myself included. Personally for me, the GPS unit would need to really have some sort of "can't be without it" feature for me to dump all the cradles/mounts, GTM 20's, MSN Direct GDB 50 & other accessories I've invested in and gathered through the years. All of the newer low-end/mid- range units like the 1xxx series have NO integrated mounts on any of them. Going by the number of GPS units that I see left in vehicles in parking lots everywhere, an integrated mount seems to be useless to many users.
  • sdlevitt 0 Points
    This past week my streetpilot C340 died (wont hold a charge and wont find satellite), so I decided to maybe replace it as opposed to fixing it. Being used to the C340, which of the two units above make more sense?
  • mrdave 0 Points

    Update: I just found another thread here, it seems like I should have a red LED on my power cable and I don't think it is lit, so maybe it is defective and I need to get a replacement from Costco. I also checked the Navtek traffic site and it seems like I should have service in my area.
    Not all power cables (the FMtraffic/cable) have the red LED on them. It seems the newer ones don't have this option.
  • misterbill 0 Points
    edited July 2009
    So I discovered that I did have the red light on my 265WT's power cable. Unfortunately, I was still not getting any traffic signal most of the time. I just drove from NY to Delaware by way of the New Jersey Turnpike, which sadly had ample traffic to make a good test. I unfortunately only had one plug in my car so I was not able to have both units plugged i at once. But the bottom line is that the 265WT did finally get a traffic signal somewhere in NJ (but lost it again towards Delaware), and decided that there were 3 minor incidents on my path. The 780 with MSN said that there were 24 minutes of traffic, which turned out to be fairly accurate.

    I still prefer the Samantha voice on the 265WT to Jill on the 780, but I'll learn to live with it. The gas price feature is not perfect, but it's decent enough and the MSN traffic service is head and shoulders above the Navteq, at least based on my testing (although MSN did report some traffic when there was none, but I would rather have it that way than sit in traffic when they claim there is none). So I guess I am keeping the 780 and returning the 265WT.
  • dsrussell 0 Points
    sdlevitt: I'm not sure you'd be THAT happy with any Nuvi. First, no Nuvi that I've listened to can match the speakers in the StreetPilot series. Second, no Nuvi model has an external volume control (that I am aware). One has to flip to the main menu, touch the sound icon and when that screen comes up, touch the plus or minus sign to increase or decrease the sound level (then again, the sound level is so low in many of these models that it's best to set it at max and forget it). Of course, one then has to get back to the map requiring a couple more touches. All-in-all, pretty dumb IMO. There is also the fact that the Nuvi models can be extremely quirky, chooses some odd routes at times (one of the most often heard complaints), and many have touch screen sensitivity issues.

    On the bright side, Nuvi models are much more portable, the newer models (2x5, 7x5, 8x5) have some nice enhancements (hotfix, the turn arrow, and a few other niceties). But many people who have "upgraded" their StreetPilot are often disappointed.
  • nick98338 0 Points
    As for the FM Traffic thing... I've had the free "Life Time FM Traffic" thing since I got my Nuvi for Christmas. I am well within a "service area". However, I have yet to receive any traffic information. None. ZIP. I just listen to the local radio traffic reports.
  • Well my feeling was that if I wasn't going to get any traffic out of the 265WT, there was absolutely no reason to be paying $200 for that model when I could get a non-traffic model like the 255W for less.

    dsrussell: funny you mention the StreetPilot. That is what I am comparing my 780 to, and the C320 sound is much better. However, i did like the Samantha voice on thet 265.

    BTW, talking about the number of touches requred to change the volume, one thing I really don't like is how many it takes to get from MSN Traffic detail back to my "view map" screen if I want to see the traffic info that it has other than what may be showing on my screen as affecting my route. A shortcut between those screens would be VERY useful.
  • dsrussell 0 Points
    misterbill: Many people like the Samantha TTS voice. Unfortunately, that voice isn't available for my 765t so I haven't heard it. As far as free (ad supported) traffic, it's hit-and-miss. I'm glad I have it and it has saved me several times from bad traffic conditions (not always, and sometimes it wants to reroute me when not necessary ... so I don't fully trust it). Just make sure it is available in your city (the quality of service does vary from city to city). As far as getting back to the map, all you have to do is hold the "back" button for 2 seconds and it will return you to the main menu, then it's one more tap to the map.
  • I'd heard about holding the back button down and having it go all the way back but I guess I am too impatient. I will have to try holding it longer.

    Traffic is supposed to be available in my area, but I'm not seeing anything most of the time. And I only got the green icon for a brief time during my trip, and I was like an hour from my house when I got it.

    MSN seems to work very reliably for me, I get the traffic in a few minutes.

    I'll have to look for a deal on lifetime service, if there is such a thing (a deal, that is). I have a one year card I bought with the unit from Amazon for $25 (half price) so I figure I can sell that for close to $50 to make get something off the lifetime service. I don't expect that MSN will let me upgrade a 1 year card to lifetime when I apply it, will they?
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