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How to add europe maps on Garmin nuvi 250w GPS ?

Hello Guys,
I have Garmin GPS nuvi 250w purchased in Canada . I have north amercian maps preloaded in it .I want to upload Europe maps on my device. Do I need to pay again to do this. Do we have any website available which can help me do this. I already attached my GPS device with my computer. Please suggest


  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Sorry, no free lunch... :) you will have to purchase maps of Europe.

    It comes on a DVD and you select the areas you want to load on your Nuvi. You will probably need to add an SD memory card to have enough room, but these are very inexpensive now. The map will be permanently locked to your Nuvi and cannot be transfered to another device after you install it. But you will also be able to use the map on your computer if you want.

    There are various free maps available for Garmin, but very few of them are capable of generating routes, they would only show your position on the map. If you think that would be good enough, have a look at or try googling for some terms like free garmin europe map.
  • Exactly what Boyd said.

    Plus, 250 only come w/ 1GB+256MB of space. You can't simply buy a DVD and expect to install Entire Europe map into same unit. ( you will need to purchase a 2GB SD card to host the map )
  • alanb 530 Points
    Or you could buy the Europe maps preloaded on SD (Garmin part #010-10680-50).
  • BullieverBulliever 0 Points
    Or you could buy the Europe maps preloaded on SD (Garmin part #010-10680-50).
    That's the part number for the Micro SD Card w/ SD Adapter

    Amazon has it for $110.19 w/free shipping.

    They also have it on SD Card PN# 010-10680-00 for $119.40 w/free S&H.
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    I find all the different Europe City Navigator products bewildering... see the full list here, and make sure you are getting what you need:

    Also have a look at this thread:
  • vdhindsa 0 Points
    Thanks for your reply Guys !! Yes i found all those european maps on Garmin website. Could you please tell me step by step instructions if i want to download those maps. Could you please tell me what's the differenece between TOPO, POI and maps. if i download those maps so my will my GPS give me step to step instructions to reach my destination in europe.
    How much space do we have in Nuvi 250 W, do i need to add another SD card if i want to download few maps?
    Thanks for your help Guys ..
  • Boyd 1960 Points
    Topo maps show land features like mountain summits, more accurate water features such as small lakes and streams and will have elevation contours. Most topo maps will NOT provide routing - the GPS will not be able to give you driving directions when using them. The exception would be Garmin's new 24k US Topo's.

    I have not used Garmin's download method to purchase a new map, only to update an existing one. From what I read, I gather there may be some issues with purchasing maps this way. If I understand correctly, you will end up with a file which you need to put onto a blank SD memory card.

    POI = "Points of Interest". This is the data included with a map which tells you where the Home Depot is, or the post office or airport, etc. This data is included in the map when you purchase it, although you can also purchase (or download free) POI data which can be loaded into your GPS along with your existing maps use Garmin's POI Loaded program.

    If you are not real computer-savvy, consider purchasing the Europe maps on the pre-loaded data cards. This will be the easiest method to use - just plug the card into your GPS and you will have it all. If you purchase any of the City Navigator Europe series, the GPS will be able to give you driving directions in Europe just like it does here in the US.
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