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Floor model 2100 questions

jake14mw 0 Points
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Hi all,

I'm brand new to GPSs. I wanted to get a full featured model, but the wife was squalking about spending too much money. I bought a floor model 2100 in Office Depot today for $70. I have a few questions.

1) Since it's a floor model, I imagine the maps might be old on it. By doing some reading here, it looks like I can't get any updates. I'm wondering if I made a mistake. I've also read about NAVIGON leaving the US market. Is there no US phone support?

2) When I plug the car adapter into it, I just get a icon on the screen saying that it's hooked up to a computer, how do I get that off the screen and use it?

3) How do I change the home address on it?


  • Tim 1486 Points
    1) Correct-- they have exited the US market for PND devices and support is pretty limited at this point.

    2) That means your GPS has entered USB mode, most likely from not using the correct charger in your case, but see that article for other possible reasons.
  • jake14mw 0 Points
    Thanks very much for the super fast reply. They could not find the power adapter at first, and then one of them came out of the back with an adapter in a new bag. Looks like they just gave me a generic adapter that apparently doesn't work correctly. I get the same screen when I attached it to my computer with a standard USB cable. The battery indicator seems to say there is no battery left, it's been plugged into my PC for a while now, and does not seem to be charging. The indicator light is orange, which I believe means that it's supposed to be changing. Am I supposed to be able to use it to set thing up while it's connected to the PC?
  • Tim 1486 Points
    If it is connected to your PC, then it will go into USB mode. It can't be "setup" as far as preferences, favorites, etc in that mode.
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