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Adding POI headaches

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Many POI lists show a coordinate with a - (minus) sign in front. When I try to add these coordinates using the magellan POI file editor software that came with my 2200T it tells me that the number must be 0-180 or 0-90! I am completely stupid when it comes to Lat/Lon coordinates since I just tried to add them for the 1st time in my life! Is there a conversion tool or formula available to load these so they actually work? I know I'm doing something wrong and now I'm totally confused. Thanks for any help. :shock:


  • Enter the coordinate without the - and just make sure your "North" "West" or whatever is correct. I've found that by entering the coordinate without the minus and then changing to "West" it adds the "-" itself.
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    Thanks I figured it out after much trial and error. So far everything is now working except I hate the 2200T's interface and how you have to go to so many screens to see your added POI's. My friend has a $200 MIO and so far it's animated interface blows the Magellans away. His downloads all his POI's and shows all the different categories listed on one page with just one click. :oops:
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