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Nuvi 765t - iPhone - Unknown Caller

Does anyone have an iPhone paired to the Nuvi 765? Everytime someone calls, whethere they are in the phone book or not, it displays UNKNOWN CALLER. I have even tried to create a favorite and a POI for my wife with a phone number and it still shows as unknown. Does anyone know if there is a fix for this?


  • dtrem 0 Points
    Is it possible they have show my caller ID turned to off on their phone?
  • Hawnted 0 Points
    No I have had several people call me , my wife included, who I know does not have that turned on. Their caller information will show on the phone itself but not on the nuvi.

    The phonebook is getting transferred as well because I can see my phonebook and call log on the nuvi.
  • As you have discovered the Bluetooth functionality on Garmin units are hit and miss. If it is not working properly there is usually nothing you can do to fix the problem.

    Only thing I can recommend is make sure you have the latest updates on both the Garmin and iPhone.
  • garddog32 0 Points
    I've have the same issue with my Motorola RAZR. Sometimes it works just fine, others it first comes up with Unknown Caller, and then changes to the correct name. Sometimes it stays as Unknown Caller.
  • michaelj 0 Points
    I think it depends on how the number is sent to you by the operator. In my experience if its not exactly how it entered in your phone book (including spaces, brackets, international codes, + sign) then it is shown as an unknown caller. I have experienced this with Iphones, Windows Mobile devices on GPS systems and inbuilt bluetooth car systems.
  • I have emailed Garmin 3 times about the iPhone issue. They state they are aware of the problem. Apparently there is no fix in sight.
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