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The 2200T belongs in Jurassic Park!!

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Now when I look at my choice to buy the 2200T as my first GPS I can only say, "Where did I go wrong?". I sure wish I had researched a little longer and talked to other GPS owners more in depth.

I read where the Magellan interface is old and out-of-date but I didn't realize we were talking "stone-age"!! I didn't realize how out-of-date until I experienced my friends Mio GPS unit with it's clear detailed display, realistic animated graphics and all its other "cool" abilities (personal computer, video player, etc.). Did I also mention that it's more than half the price of the 2200T also! I am embarrased to even turn my Magellan on to compare the two units. The only feature I can brag about over his is the "text to voice" ability of the 2200T.

My first experience with Magellans technical support proved to be another nightmare. I discovered that my unit was missing a very important icon from the menu, the "Enhanced POI" icon. Since the 2200T is already far behind others in POI quantity, the ability to easily add more and easily access them would have to be a top priority. When I told them about the missing icon, and after a lengthy hold, I was told it wasn't that important and there was another, more indirect and inconvienent way to access the "My POI" files (one I had already figured out on my own). There was no satisfactory answer given nor any offer to fix my defective unit.

Again my friends inexpensive GPS unit out-shined mine with its 1-click listing of his added POI's and the ability to instantly save a current location as a POI. With the 2200T I guess you could write down the coordinates and when you get home, add them to your computer via the POI editor, download them to the GPS and then go through several menus to find them. Geesh, what a pain!

Now every day I walk into my office, bend over and have my co-worker kick me for not taking his advice and buying the inexpensive, but obviously more advanced Mio GPS unit but instead deciding to put my trust in Magellans name.

Very disappointed at the moment. :x :cry:


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    Update to original post.

    After conversations with people "in the know", I discovered that even though the 2200T lacks the fancy decorations of other units, it makes up for it in accuracy! That is MUCH more important and I guess I should have looked more at the true purpose of a GPS and not so much at the pretty frills. I was surprized to learn that the 2200T has a new up-dated interface. I sure would have hated to see the old one! :?

    I still like the Mio's 1-click ability to save a current location as a true POI. That would have been a nice feature for another hobby of mine. I guess I can save a current location as an address but that is not what I really wanted. Oh well, I'll get used to it.

    Anyway, I feel better and will give the unit a second chance. But not the Customer Service! That still stinks!
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