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    June 2018
  • Garmin 64ST: Anyone out there that can adjust the miles to only feet beyond 528.00? As everyone knows, the measuring goes to 528.00 feet and then changes to tenths of a mile thereafter. Thanks
    May 2017
  • Does this not reach you??
    November 2016
  • Hi Boyd..thanks for the info( PJPotter).. it has helped me lots and pushed me further to my goal.
    I am a photographer and the aim is to record( Track?) all my wanderings , record photos, and POIs.The final aim is to then be able to present the end product on my the present it all seems 'light years away' ....I travel in hope!! Thanks for your input. Regards PJP..
    October 2015
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    August 2015
  • Hey Boyd!

    I got one of these notifications from a user asking for my map themes so I wanted to check and see how the notifications work. Kinda confusing since you need to find the user you want to notify and do it from there. I remember it being this way in the past before the big forum change but didn't know it still existed. Seems as though my reply to this user vanished though and nothing really seems to be saved except the the initial notification. Not really worried about this working in any definitive way, just testing it out.

    Hope all is going well for you!

    July 2015
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    August 2014
  • Boyd,Thank you for your 2013 answer of
    regarding using MapQuest custom routing with Garmin GPS's. I just purchased a Garmin Nuvi 2557 LMT so I could use this custom routing feature, however, my first attempt has failed. I created a custom route on MapQuest and sent it to the 2557, where it showed up as a route, but not the route I had developed on MapQuest. The 2557 has no "import" function, to the best of my newbie knowledge. When the 2557 boots-up, I see a "Loading Maps" appear briefly. Then I come to the Where To? - View Map screen. Under "Where To?" I tap "Apps", then "Trip Planner", then I get a screen titled "Unscheduled Trips" where I see my MapQuest saved route. NOTE: Though I saved the trip from MapQuest as both a "route" and "waypoints", only the "route" file shows here. I tap the MapQuest route and the details appear, then I click on "Map" option on this detail screen but it's shows another route!!! HELP!
    August 2014
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  • Boyd, why is it that every thread I look at in the Garmin Forum shows "commenting not allowed" after the last post and I can't seem to add comments to the thread. I'm logged in as far as I can tell (my user name appears at the top of the page). This is the using the updated forum.
    February 2014
    • Tim
      @t923347 I'm looking into this, though it is a bit strange since you have the exact same roles setup as the other "Experts" in our group. I've refreshed your permissions, can you try again for me?