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  • Addresses in France

    The problem first occurred for me after I had loaded the very large N America map on the Satnav and I then had to put the European map on card, running the European maps from the card was a disaster so I reloaded a reduced N America set of maps and then was able to install the European maps but I think I change the concatenation path so the American maps / directory was searched before the European directory - however I might well be wrong.

    However it is an interesting example how France considers the off shore countries as Department within France, so they are in the European Union and use the Euro. They are administered from Paris in the same way as Departments such as Nord and Pas de Calais which just across the water from the UK

  • Map database and updates

    or you can go directly to the Here web site and register and then you can notify Here of any errors and omissions and eventually the changes get onto the SatNav in your car, however it can take quite a while. In the past they have been pretty quick to remove a road that had slid off the edge of a cliff however less significant changes take a while longer. The reduction in the frequency of map updates will also delay the arrival of the change.

  • Is Basecamp headed for extinction?

    Currently Basecamp is a 32bit application on the Mac, 32 bit applications will not be suported on the Mac after the next major release of MacOS due in the fall of 2019.

    This could be resolved by Garmin by hiring a programmer for a few weeks to set up the Basecamp program so that it can be compiled for use in a 64bit environment.

    How many Mac users will migrate away from Garmin if they cannot have their SatNav supported. one asks.

    When I was looking to buy a SatNav, the ability to run the support programs on a Mac was the key criteria regardless of how good the performance of the device