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  • DriveSmart 51 in GPS Simulation Mode

    Put the GPS in simulation mode and then select the saved place you want.

    When the Go screen appears, tap the 3 bar icon to the left of Go. On the next screen, there will be a Set Location box(you may need to scroll the screen down to see this box).

    Once you tap Set Location your future routes will start from there.
  • Changing route(s)

    The 3597 uses via points as destinations by default but it's more than simple to change them to shaping points if you are using trip planner. Just load your trip and the list of via points screen appears on the screen that has the Map and GO icons on it. Tap the "FLAG" to the left of any of the waypoints between the starting point and the end point and the Nuvi will ask you if you want to change the waypoint to a shaping point. Say yes and your good to go.
  • Planning Route on Desktop - Upload to Garmin 51

    You could always use Garmin's Basemap software but the one I use most frequently is Furkot which I find much easier to use. Both the software based Basecamp and the website based Furkot will allow you to create a route and upload it to a Garmin GPS.

    Basecamp can be downloaded from and Furkot can be activated from
  • What awesome places has your GPS taken you?

    A couple of years ago, took the 15 hour ferry ride from Port Hardy, BC, on the Vancouver Island, to Prince Rupert, BC through the inland passage. Spectacular trip, especially with the Nuvi keeping track of where we were.

  • Garmin Drive 51 Not Connecting to PC Properly

    The change in color would suggest that you changed the 51 from MTP storage mode (yellow icon) to Mass Storage mode (white icon). We often make this change so that the hidden .system folder on the GPS (the folder that holds the map files plus other important files) is visible in Windows Explorer.

    In mass storage mode you should however see the GPS device as a "removable drive" which Windows has given a drive letter. Depending on your computer configuration this drive could be anything from Drive D and up.
  • CN NA 2017.30

    Yes, over a 6GB download but that's all types of maps - road, 3D, DEM, JCV, plus Voice Recognition, etc. and the downloaded map data isn't compressed which is part of the work done on your computer prior to the transfer to the GPS.

    Borrowing from a post alandb made on another site, the files installed on a 3597 look like this:

    2,600 gmap3d.gma
    240,615,424 gmap3d.img
    25 gmap3d.unl
    623,591,424 gmapdem.img
    2,600 gmapprom.gma
    2,796,290,048 gmapprom.img
    25 gmapprom.unl

    68,040,926 05j7k9a8.srx (replaces 05hpwx6o.srx)
    459,728,310 05j7k9a9.asr (replaces 05hpwx6p.asr)
    69,440,535 05j7k9aa.asr (replaces 05hpwx6q.asr)
    243,844,587 05j7k9ab.asr (replaces 05hpwx6r.asr)
    541,111,533 05j7k9ac.asr (replaces 05hpwx6s.asr)

    508,488,002 d3191210a.jcv (replaces d3191200a.jcv)

    620,622,473 d2656230a.sid (replaces d2656220a.sid)
    436,010,119 d3157210a.sid (replaces d3157200a.sid)
    159,677,220 d3398200a.sid (replaces d3398190a.sid)
    132,684,786 d3406200a.sid (replaces d3406190a.sid)

    9,949,184 d3397200a.db (replaces d3397190a.db)

    More like 3 to 4GB of data installed on the Nuvi.

    What I noticed after installing the device software update and then downloading the map update was:

    - GE initially crapped out and reported an error that it couldn't download the update
    - MapUpdater downloaded about 65% of the update and then went back to 50% before continuing to completion
    - MapUpdater reported it has successfully installed the maps on to the device (which it had) but that could not install them to may computer except the files are on my computer and work fine in BaseCamp.