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  • CN EU 2018.10 NTU

    CN EU 2018.10 NTU now available for download
  • loss of drivers on garmin express

    Win10 is known to have issues with some Garmin devices in mtp mode. The normal fix is to set your device to mass storage mode. To do so:

    1. Start NUVI by itself and go to Volume Screen.
    2. Press the upper right hand corner of screen for 10 seconds.
    3. The Developers Screen will pop up
    (may see Configuration and Settings, if so select it)
    4. Scroll down to MTP SETTINGS
    5. Change from AUTO DETECT to MASS STORAGE
    6. Shut down NUVI and connect to PC
    7. It should now connect in mass storage mode.
  • Garmin edge 200 history Problem

    Given that this is the auto forum you might not get much help here. Try posting in the other Garmin forum here that covers the Edge models.
  • How do I import ov2 files into my Nuvi?

    There are Garmin POIs, Custom POIs and Favourite POIs.
    Please let's get the terms right as that may confuse some folks. There are Garmin POIs, part of the map data, Custom POIs, loaded in various ways by the user, and Favourites or Saved places depending on the locale.

    There is no such thing as a Favourite POI.

    just to confirm, I have repeatedly deleted selected favorites and cleared my trips and travel history on the device, but after receiving from device in basecamp, these items still show. really frustrating.
    As posted above you're doing something wrong. Confirm when you power cycle your device it is definitely empty? Then in BaseCamp only select the data you want to send to your device. I normally create a new list called nuvi update and put all the edited data in that, then once I'm happy send all the data in that to my nuvi by selecting it, right clicking and then choosing 'send to device'.

  • garmin nuvi 2495 reboots after incomplete synchronization with garmin express

    No, if it's shutting down that indicates a low battery. Charge it and then try garmincure3 ... it is I believe the only way to resolve your issue other than returning it to Garmin for repair.
  • Navteq maps - paved footpath routes?

    Well that's a strange question ...

    If you know the route from your home to the town centre is there any need for you to worry about this?