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  • What is going on?

    Not as bad but some will remember I played satnav ping-pong with Garmin a year ago.

    The 680T I finished with only charges to 99%, should not be but I live with it's fairly insignificant.

    The 50LMT-D had the battery become disconnected and gives the occasional very strange routing. The battery is next to useless for route planning and you have to connect it to power to route plan (I'm not a basecamp fan and don't like over using the fragile looking USB socket)

    Favourite unit of mine at present for bike/walking is the second hand Monterra I bought recently, battery life and sunshine readability are better than the 680T in my view.
  • Rugged Smartphone v Premium GPS

    Back to topic, ran both the Montana with OSM maps and the AGM X2 smartphone with Tomtom mobile this time on the old BSA's handlebars, 115 miles in all in three segments
    Problem with the OSM maps on the Montana is that, either the shortest route is flawed (no avoidances), or they take you down footpaths depending on what map you use. I still don't think the 680T is as sunlight readable as my 650T was.

    TomTom App got the first segment route right, over 2 miles shorter than the 'shortest' route on the Montana maps but the map lacks contrast which makes sunlight reading more difficult.

    Will investigate both further.

    Eneloop batteries were excellent!