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  • What is going on?

    Not as bad but some will remember I played satnav ping-pong with Garmin a year ago.

    The 680T I finished with only charges to 99%, should not be but I live with it's fairly insignificant.

    The 50LMT-D had the battery become disconnected and gives the occasional very strange routing. The battery is next to useless for route planning and you have to connect it to power to route plan (I'm not a basecamp fan and don't like over using the fragile looking USB socket)

    Favourite unit of mine at present for bike/walking is the second hand Monterra I bought recently, battery life and sunshine readability are better than the 680T in my view.
  • Introduction

    Yes I'm still here thanks!

    I've been out of things for two years now. Start of 2019 my hip started deteriorating badly and I could barely get on a bike let alone ride any distance or even stand on the pegs. Hip was eventually done in September 2019, one of the worst cases the surgeon said he had seen. Unfortunately six months later just when I got the all clear to try gentle riding, the 'Beast from the East' arrived, so with circulation problems, I have been a house hermit for almost a year.

    I am still a lurker on the subject but no more than that. I am probably slightly unusual in that as a retired IT professional I am prepared to pay top dollar for a specialist GPS device.

    The future of supply is in smartphones however, but the GPS accuracy and mapping/sofware and lackof screen brightness (even oled) make them, at best in my view, a 'jack of all trades' device and thus master of none. My need is also peculair in that I ride lead for my group on an 85 year old bike so battery life is a major concern as no reliable hard wiring to Joe Lucas electrics and power packs expose vulnerable USB ports.

    On the other hand the latest dedicated premium GPS offerings all appear to me to have a major deficiencey. 276CX runs like a slug, Montana 700 series brightness appears deficient from many comments. XT cannot battery swap etc.

    Thus my pension remains in my wallet at present and the Montana 650T on the bars, should I be able to start riding, but the screen size is increasingly limiting for my eyes.