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  • Micro Disk for Garmin Nuvi 50LM?

    I did create a lot of "weeds"........ <<grin>> I just can't help myself, sometimes tangent paths are to irresistible for me.
  • Norfolk Island Map

    Can't speak directly to what might be the reason for your lack of roads, but what is shown on HERE
    map creator seems to have no bearing on what is released as Garmin's current map update.

    The Mississippi Forensics Laboratory has been open for around five years or more along with the new roads to get to it. However the latest Garmin 2020.10 still does not show the roads. Or have the current place or the old crime lab in it's database, or at least I've not found it. I filed a map error report with Garmin about it over three updates ago. Here Map creator shows it and the new roads. Don't know how long Here has shown it though.

    My nuvi's and drivesmart are also very happy to route me via along a route that crosses a river. The only problem is the bridge has not existed in over thirty years. Hadn't told them about this one yet. Sort of lost interest in keeping them advised. None of the map errors I've reported to them have ever been fixed. Though errors I've reported to Google Maps have sometimes been fixed the same day I reported to them with a thank you from Google for making them aware of it.

  • Next Garmin software / map updates?

    Hard to compete free apps you can download to a smartphone. However there are pro's and con's to using your phone. And, pro's and con's for a dedicated device.

    I find that I have to use both to eliminate being surprised by one or the other. Yet sometimes both surprise me in how they are so wrong.
  • Montana 680T not showing as USB.

    I am not happy that the 680T is definitely mounted as a portable device and not needing safe release.
    I don't understand your concern here. Being mounted as a portable device, which should give it a removal policy of "3", is the safest method to protect it from corruption due to unexpected removal. The other removal policies do nothing to ensure a better outcome, they just let Windows and other programs behave in a riskier manner.

    You can verify the removal policy when the device is connected by right clicking on any storage device in the file explorer and selecting "properties" then the "hardware" tab, then select the correct device from the list and then the "properties" button near the bottom, then the "details" tab, then select "removal policy" from the dropdown list. If it is a "3", then Windows will not cache writes to that device. It is write caching which causes file corruption due to unexpected removal.

  • Any New Garmin Auto GPS Coming Soon?

    I don't think they are out of touch with their pricing either. It's just that they probably figure they will be able to sell X amount of units at that price. On the other hand, they probably saw they could sell more units a a lower price, but the number of units sold at that lower price would fall short of the number required to cover expenses and profit.

    If they get to the point where they can't sell enough units to make a profit, they'll be gone eventually. But I'll not base my willingness to pay on whether they will or won't. There are many others that pay for things I'd like to have but am not willing to pony up the money myself. That doesn't make that product overpriced.