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  • Garmin Agrees to buy DeLorme

    Tim, while you may have seen this coming it certainly surprises me. But acquiring inReach does give them even more credibility in nav solutions, probably paying dividends beyond just the Delorme assets. Curious how much Garmin paid for them.
  • What are good chooses for Android, for a real GPS-like exp..

    Sorry, can't help your there. I use an iPhone but have a Samsung Android tablet. The GPS in the Samsung tablet is pretty bad. :)

    It's not important that your smartphone is Samsung, any brand is fine, as long as it Android. I spend about 350 Euros. Been some models recommend ? There is a dedicated website that performs tests on various smartophone of GPS ?
    The Nexus 6P would be a good bet IMHO. Between GPS, A-GPS, Glonass and the very latest Android OS version 6.0.1 the accuracy has been reported as quite good. The OS version in this case is as important as the previous three items as Android 5.1 registered some complaints when it came to GPS performance. Another brand to look at would be anything from Motorola. They have a long history with radio chipset design and implementation and I don't recall seeing complaints about location accuracy with any of their recent handsets. They also tend to be one of the first OEM's with OS upgrades. Android 6.x is already running on many of their smartphones.
  • Big changes to Google Maps policy and pricing coming June 11

    TBH I think Google is trying to move more towards a pay-for-play basis for services rather than being so dependent on ad income. I doubt this will be the last Google service that migrates to a paid one instead of "free".