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  • RoadMate 2136T-LM -------- updates ???

    Ok, I love GPS' and I bought this one from store in Houston. It was a brand new unit and it worked fine. I updated it in Oct. 2012 and it was slow, laggy and the points of interest did not work. So Magellan was kind enough to send me a new unit with the latest software installed. It STILL was slow and lagged badly. Again the points of interest did not work. So I posted on the Facebook page for Magellan about my issue.

    The Tech said to Connect my unit to my laptop or PC and close the Magellan content manager. Then open up the My computer and look for the Magellan drive. Mine was Drive: F

    Then right click on the drive symbol, click on properties and then select defrag hard drive. Which I did. It took about 30 minutes.

    I rebooted the unit and Wham!! it works like it should!! Points of interest, no lag and quick turn by turn nav. Woo Hoo!

    I hope this helps allot of people!!
    I registered and signed up for an account here just to reply (and thank you).

    This comment solved all my problems with my 2136T. Since Day 1, trying to type an address in has taken (no joke) anywhere from 3-5 minutes of waiting between letters while the unit laboured after typing one letter! Now that I've defragmented the unit, it works almost instantly.

    Thank you thank you thank you for this tip!

    (..and sorry for reviving a dead thread, but I was going to purchase a new unit because I was so unhappy with this one. Frankly, I opted to navigate using my phone over the Magellan because of the speed.)