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  • Replace 2450 and my favorites show up on screen.

    Bronco Billy, if what you want is for places that you have identified as "Favorites/Saved Places" to be shown to you as you drive along a pipeline, then you might want to look at "TourGuide". You already have the points you are interested in as Favorites/Saved Places; so attach the nuvi to the computer - make a copy of current.gpx (which contains all of the Favorites/Saved Places); delete all entries not along the pipeline; then, save the resulting file as Pipeline TourGuide.gpx. Now you could do this with Wordpad, but I would suggest using Extra POI Editor (EPE) which can be found at In EPE you can put in the "proximity" at which you want to be alerted - say 1/4 mile, or whatever. You can have an Icon appear or a sound file play or both. Otherwise you would need to run POI Loader in "Manual" mode when loading the file

    TourGuide is discussed in POI Loader's Help file and on a number of GPS sites. You do not have to be following a "route" for the notifications to occur (and remember, even following a "route", alerts do not occur unless the coordinates of the location are within 30 meters of the center of the route - this might be a problem in pipeline work). TourGuide alerts whenever you enter into a circle whose area contains both the POI and the nuvi. Indeed, you might not be able to drive directly to the POI because it might be on the other side of something uncrossable.

    I use a "CrackerBarrelTourguide.gpx" file so that I am notified whenever I am a mile away (in any direction) from a place that I often want to eat at while traveling. Whenever my daughter, who has small children, goes on vacation, I always create a "PharmacyTourGuide.gpx" file which sounds off whenever her vehicle is within 2 miles of a TwentyFour hour pharmacy in the vacation area. I just want her to be aware of where they are as she drives around so - if the need arose - she would already be aware of where they are.

    If this sounds like something that might be helpful, we can discuss it further.