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  • (Which) External antenna for Garmin GPSmap 64s?

    I would be very surprised if an external antenna makes a difference. In the consumer world, antennas are typically only used when the device is inside a vehicle that has obstructions. The 60 series (GPSMap 60/62/64) has a quad helix antenna that many people feel is the best in the business already.

    Tim's point about expectations is right on target. Consumer devices like the 64 are not likely to give you any better than +/- 5 meters regardless of what you do. The very expensive antennas you have seen are probably intended for use with specialized survey grade gps units that cost thousands of dollars. In the consumer space, spending more money is not likely to give you more accuracy. A ~$100 device like the eTrex 10 is going to be just as accurate as the ~$700 Monterra. Spending more money just gets you more "bells and whistles".

    To get the best accuracy with your 64, use the "waypoint averaging" feature. If you stand stationary, the device takes a position fix every second and averages the results. This usually gives better accuracy, but there are a lot of variables such as the position of the satellites at the time you take the measurements.
  • City Navigator North America 2019.10 is now available

    It was posted on another site that 2019.10 was taken down by Garmin due to some kind of problem. I tried last week with my Nuvi 3550 and it said I was up to date with 2018.30.
  • Garmin 1690 won't charge :(

    You could check with this company, they repair out of warranty devices. The owner is a member here.

    But you really have to ask yourself whether it would be cost effective, since new devices have gotten so inexpensive...
  • Don’t see 24k map displayed in Oregon 750

    I think City Navigator still has the option to download a map to your computer. Doesn't it? Not really sure, it has been a long time since I tried. But with the topo products, there is no way to install the map on your computer. The only way to do that was to purchase the DVD version, and those are long gone. Third party maps are still available to install on your computer, such as most of the maps at gpsfiledepot and my maps at :)

    If you are using a Mac, you can use Disk Utility to create an empty disk image, then you can copy the contents of a card (or internal GPS memory) to the image. Basecamp will see that just as though it was a physical card.

    There is no built-in software to do the same thing on Windows, however you can use a RAM disk, I have done this with an free program and it worked. On either the Mac or Windows, this is different from Garmin's old system, you are basically just creating a virtual SD card which you need to manually mount and eject.
  • DriveSmart 61 -LMT- D no wi-fi

    @Zemartelo - with all due respect, this thread is about wifi problems on the DriveSmart 61. Search problems on the DriveAssist 50 are certainly worthy of discussion, but they should be the subject of another thread. :)
  • Garmins Overlander GPS

    Hey, as long as it works then just use it and be happy! :D
  • Next Garmin software / map updates?

    Dedicated GPS devices are a slowly dying product category. It has been going on for many years and no doubt will continue until the inevitable end. :(