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  • Garmim Express will not "Find" my Drive 6 device

    RE: Screenshot Feature

    I never turned it on, or ever used it (Frankly, I didn't know it had an On/Off function), and again frankly we only even used the GPS exactly as it came out-of-the-box, so we didn't explore any of the menus, assuming they were enough like my earlier Nuvis, but with a larger screen and better lane guidance for my wife (in whose car it sits).

    I think the "secret" was that the Drive 6 takes MUCH longer for the computer itself to recognize it, like several minutes, vs only a few seconds for the older Nuvis, and by not taking enough time for that, and by searching for it in Garmin Express too soon, I assured that it would never find it, as it may have stopped Win7 from finding and configuring it.

    Eventually (like a LONG time later) the device updated it's software program and accepted Map Updates, and now appears to be working fine. Interestingly, the MAP update on the Drive 6 was MUCH faster than for my older Nuvis (which can take 2 hours even on 100+mb/sec internet speeds, since the download speed shown in Garmin Express is usually about 2mb/s.

    My wife likes to find businesses in the Garmin database (rather than looking up the business in Google and then using the address in teh GPS as I do), so has been sent to a closed business more than once, so we tried updating the Drive 6 to update the POI files within it. I find even the NEWEST Garmin updates are frequently WAY behind with regard to POIs, so I tend not to rely on them exclusively.

    Thanks to all who answered-