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  • Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series

    That is correct. It appears that Garmin is moving away from the conventional (FM based) traffic receivers in favor of Smartphone Link which is a superior (IMO) traffic reporting system. The 51/61 series will support traffic receivers, but it is an add-on (additional purchase) item where on the 50/60, it was built in or bundled with the device. Smartphone Link is now a free app and works on the 50/60 and 51/61 models that have Bluetooth support.

    My nuvi 3597 has the HD traffic receiver, but I have quit using it as there is no FM coverage in my local driving area, but SmartPhone Link does very good traffic reporting in the same area.

    Speed cam POI alerts can be installed on most Garmin automotive devices including both the Drive x0 (2016 models) and x1 (2017 models). If you are in North America, POI Factory has comprehensive speed and red light camera files that are free for contributing forum members or available for a small fee for non-contributing members.
  • Garmin 2017 Drive 51/61 series

    There is something about that eBay listing that doesn't "smell" quite right to me. Before buying, I would at least ask the seller to provide some additional pictures, and also the product number shown on the box. The product number for the North America DriveAssist 51 LMT-S is 010-01682-02.
  • Calculation Mode Problems

    Could you give us an example of a route (start point and destination) that routes you over these dirt and unpaved roads? With that we could check it on our devices to see if we get the same results or if it is some kind of failure in your device, maps, settings, etc.
  • Nuvi 55LMT Can I record my route?

    The new Drive x1 (2017 models) do have WiFi (except for the very low end models). That said, the WiFi implementation does little for you (IMO) other than allow software and map updates without using a computer. I was hoping they would include some additional functionality for the WiFi ... like being able to import/export custom POI's, routes, waypoints without having to plug in the USB cable. It would also be nice to have a basic Internet browser and some type of on-board file management so you could see the directory and delete certain file types (like GPX files). The Garmin hardware platform is way too under powered in CPU speed, memory and storage for them to really make any significant improvements.

    I think Garmin has waited too long to make meaningful improvements in their automotive PND platform and there is no way they can catch up to the smartphone capabilities. If they want to stay in the automotive navigation business, they need to focus their energy on apps. They had a great start with the Viago product and they should have kept improving it instead of discontinuing it. I would even be willing to pay a (reasonable) annual fee if Garmin would come up with a great Android Auto app including on-board maps, map updates, alerts, saved multipoint routes and import/export capabilities like they have on the nuvi.
  • Senior Friendly w/custom route capabilites?

    Pretty much any Garmin nuvi or Drive device with the trip planner feature will do this. That would include all the models in the new "Drive" line and all the 2015 nuvi models, plus many of the earlier models. There are many of these models that would be within your price range, either new or refurbished. Just make sure the spec's on the Garmin site say "Trip Planner: Yes" for the model you choose. Don't avoid the older Garmin nuvi factory refurb models. They are like new and have the same warranty as a new device. Often, you can get a 2 or 3 year old high end refurbished model for the same price as a new bottom-of-the-line model, and get a much better device with more features.

    Just as an example, I looked on Amazon and saw a Garmin Nuvi 2689LMT 6" Bluetooth GPS w/ Lifetime Maps & Traffic - (Certified Refurbished) for $143.37, sold by PrimeDeal and fulfilled by Amazon. If you search you can find many other models in the $100 to $150 price range.

    If you narrow your choices down to 3 or 4 models, post back and we can give more detailed opinions about those specific models.