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  • thanks for the info ,pat i will give it a go.
  • hi all,i am shortly going to florida on holiday and would like to take my 314 with me instead of paying for a sat nav on the car rental. question is ,if i download the north american map from naviextras will it work?,the size is around 780mbs so i w…
  • done. thanks john.
  • thanks john,so when i go into ipaq/nav/ i find the audio folder which are all .wav i think no.5 is the strangled turkey sound. do i just delete no5 and replace in the same position with a copy of the ding.wav which is further down the in the…
  • yeah got it back from hp after 3 days.They had reloaded it but only to the original 2007 software. had a bit of trouble updating it again but eventually got there. dont suppose you know a way to change the awful screeching sound when you come across…
  • thanks john,i'll do that now.
  • yeah,thought so,am on phone to hp uk now. its like wading through treacle. thanks anyway. jim.
  • million thanks ambuman,worked first clip,i must have d/loaded the wrong file.
  • thanks ambuman i'll try it now. also could you send me the player file if poss.
  • Thanks for the info ambuman,i'll try that now. just a point,do i unzip the player software on my desktop first and then transfer or just put the zipped folder over to the 314 as is. sorry,stupid question but better safe than sorry. thanks again, jim…
  • no i dont have it installed.never heard of it. your help is apprieciated. :). jim
  • thanks ambuman,i tried to load some vids (avi format) but it does'nt want to play them. Are these the right kind of files ?,.i get the music to play o.k Also i updated the 314 to the latest 1.8 gb file from the hp website.(western europe 11 for FA97…
  • thanks a lot for all your help,much appreciated.
  • many thanks patruns, just as an aside,and as i have not had a chance to play with the 314 yet,whats your opinion of it,good and bad. also were did you get your neat avatar.
  • Many thanks for your reply. when you say to back-up the units software do i find this as an external drive on my computer and just copy everything to a new folder.if so does it matter what order they are when copied ?. Also would i be better d/loadi…