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  • Traffic is being reported in NH and Maine on the interstate highways. Excellent coverage this far north of Boston.
  • 740 - LIVE or RDS-TMC 730/720 - PLUS or RDS-TMC Much of the vendor information is based on non-disclosure-agreement contracts. The vendors below are our best guesses. LIVE - Trafficcast earlier. Inrix soon. Unclear if Inrix will be in addition …
  • Hi Tim I do think that TT Home will have a role in the iPhone Navigator App. I can't imagine using the itunes store to get POI's, Routes, Voices, Traffic services etc. to DL to the iPhone. Apple will get it's 30% cut from the price of the Applicatio…
  • I also got the update outside of Home by going to TT web site. I wish TT could post the changes to these updates!!! I wonder if this version has something to do with supporting the TT Navigator for the iPhone when it's released? When the TT App is …
  • Hi Tim Yes, and the message is " you are currently using the latest version of TT Home There is no newer version available".
  • I wasn't offered this new TT Home version on my Mac. Go to I did find the update on the above site. I don't understand why this update is not available thru TT you? I"ll wait until it is. Thanks for posting.
  • I wasn't offered this new TT Home version on my Mac.
  • Since this will be an always connected device while in the car dock, can we expect to see: 1. Live Services? 2. Pushed map share corrections from TT to device? 3. User corrections and IQ Route speed profiles pushed automatically to TT? 4. Pushed ale…
  • Hi Denis I wouldn't give up on your Go 720 working using the "operate my GO" function. Since this is an important function for you to plan itineraries you should at least give support a call. I can use the plan itinerary on my 730 so I don't see wh…
  • I updated the latest version of Home for the Mac also and the "Operate my Device" works fine. I have a Go 730 with App version 8.35, Mac OS 10.5.7 on a iMac. Strange yours isn't working. Have you called support? Gary
  • The subscription service downloaded version 8.30 from 8.25 just fine. I DL mine this morning with no problems except for losing my Favorites, which I find very annoying!
  • What is the value of Route Planner if you cannot send the route to the gps device? Is there any technical reason why this feature cannot be incorporated into the planner? Would be nice to add waypoints. Since this is still in beta maybe we will see …