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  • Tim, It is the same with my computer and it started maybe 6 Weeks ago. I thought it was a computer setting that i inadvertently selected.
  • You are right spyder, I have the TT720. I didn't think other brands had the Itinerary Feature
  • Itinerary Feature. I could see where this feature would be useful for work related issues, i.e. Salesman with specific routes to run, but for Vacationing,which is what I thought I needed the Itinerary feature for, I have never used it. PS Tim, Thi…
  • Wish I had known about the Card upgrade Jay. I bought this Unit when it first came out and returned it for the TT 720 because I thought the Touch Screen wasn't sensitive enough. I loved everything else about the unit, except the Routing in one inst…
  • Sorry Tim, that post was a little confusing. If I install a new map and the street reflects the new name, but my POI address is the old address; Eventually this will happen, Is the only way to know which POI Address is wrong is when You Navigate t…
  • Thanks for the quick reply Tim, I'll see what I can do with it when I get home.
  • Thanks Tim, I thought I had read that the unit would only Demo to 60 Mi. But I couldn't find it again. Also You may want me to start a new Thread on this, but I have found 2 errors on the map for the trip I will be taking. One error is the street na…
  • I would see exactly what the warrenty covered if I were considering extended warranty. I didn't get it with my TT720, but I bought my wife a Camcorder for Xmas and I bought extended warranty for it because it covered lens breakage, vewing screen br…
  • Thanks for the response Tomjo3
  • dhn, You are right, I had completely forgotten in my old age, but the first time I connected to the Computer the first thing it did was ask if I wanted to upgrade to 2.1 Version and I said yes.
  • I also used the Dock but I think that TT suggests using the quick Charger also, but I may be wrong. I found the new Map in File "New Map Guarantee" I may have gotten a Home2 version on the Disc but the TTH page doesn't say TT Home2
  • sgr, I used the TTH version that was on the Disc that came with the 720 unit. It downloaded the 710 Map Version and installed it, but it took 2 Hrs. to do this. I don't know if this is normal or not but it worked. If you don't have the quick charger…
  • Thanks for the reply and the Link Tim, I'll check this as soon as I get home
  • Thanks for the reply Tim, If there is a newer version of Map than what I have do I need to call Tom Tom or how do I get it?
  • Thanks Tim, I don't know how I overlooked that.
  • Thanks for the clarification Tim. I read some on the topic, but the more I read the more i became confused. I don't know how You guys keep up with the constantly changing Technology. I'm just glad there are Forums like this that People like me ca…
  • That was my first thought also, but Mobile is in the same time Zone so that wasn't the problem. I traded the 7100 in for the TT720 Sat. I think I'm going to love this unit.
  • I was also curious about what phone would be compatible with a TT and did some investigating. If i understand this correctly Bluetooth Uses a few different ways to communicate with compatible devices. One is GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) which…
  • A fuse is to protect the wiring and components in a circuit . if You have a "short" or other problems, if the fuse is rated to high it could burn up the wiring or damage components because it will not "blow".
    in Amp Draw Comment by CARDS1 November 2007
  • Thanks Tim, That was some very helpful input. Thanks
  • Thanks Tim' That was helpful. If I wanted to make a call while Navigating, wouldnt I want to have the Phone Directory in the GPS unit so i wouldnt have to use the keypad to punch in the whole # while driving? 10 strokes vs 2 or 3
  • Thanks for the input Jeeplover, it helped some, but if I had handsfree calling, wouldn't i need to have the directory transfered? I am technically challenged when it comes to phones with all the different capabilities they have. LOL
  • Thanks Tim, The dealer will give a 30 Day trial. I will give it a try.
  • I forgot to add that I called Tom Tom and they didn't know.
  • Is EPT the same thing as "dead reckoning" where the GPS uses Direction, time, speed and other variables to estimate where you are if Sat. Signal is lost?
    in 920/920T Comment by CARDS1 November 2007
  • Thanks for the reply Tim Also, on the 920T; Is the traffic for only 1 year?
    in 920/920T Comment by CARDS1 November 2007
  • I will be buying a TT720 within the Week. I want to add POI's for some golf courses located around my region. can I just put the address of the Golf Course in the unit and save as a POI or will I have to use the computer to download files?
  • I think I saw on a site thet the 920 would be out by the end of Oct. I also read that the voice Recognition was mostly for POI's. Hopefully Tim can get one for review as soon as it is released.
  • I think i will wait on buying a unit until the 920 comes out. It was listed for only $100 more than the 720. Thanks Tim
  • Thanks for the reply. What i need to know is if I have the fastest Route selected but I dont want to drive through Major Cities can i use via routing to force it to take bypasses around these Cities and if so does the TT have to be hooked to the co…
  • Thanks for the reply Tim. Maybe I can downgrade from the TTGO720. Since Sirfstar Chip is no longer a necessity I basically just need in order of importance. via routing Text to Speech Bluetooth (don't need but may want later) any suggestions?