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  • Yes, the performance is the same... it's just that the iPhone looses signal more often than a PND does... and that has nothing to do with software.
  • I don't know about Navigon but TomTom is pretty dissapointing from the visual perspective... the graphics look like they were made in the 70's. it also takes more time to find an adress then other software do and the lack of gesture recognition do…
  • pretty interesting... I like reviews! :) especially made by people that know what they are talking about... but what about the other guys: sygic, copilot and others that have iphone apps? anybody reviewed them? I'm asking because from the 4 mentio…
  • All good iPhone nav apps should offer iPod controls on-screen so that one deosn't have to switch out of the nav app, IMO. I don't want to be the stupid one, but what exactly do you mean? :) I played around with an iPhone but not with an iPod, so I'm…
  • Hi! What's average FPS for Garmin? Somewhere I read that it's only 1/second. So it must terrible. Is that right? Does it accept initials to search? It is always a killing feature! Yap, I think Garmin has the slowest software out there, but it does c…
  • Hi! First I would like to introduce myself and say Hi! to everybody! I'm mobile phone user from Poland. Living in a city of Gdansk, near to the Baltic Sea. Im travelling a lot :D I bought Nokia with Symbian with GPS. And I don't really know what t…
  • You should also specify a price range... Since you want uk and europe maps, I can recommend this: and you can check out also the other products... if you are willing to spend more. My dad has the NDri…
    in which gps? Comment by jaja August 2009
  • I have NSports from NDrive: It does the job but I can't compare it to anything else, cause it's the only GPS watch I ever had :)
  • I use this: but I'm not an athlete, I got it as a gift :)) ...and I think you are not from Europe...but you can order it on line also...