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  • But I do have to admit that mine took forever to update the map. That's normal and they tell you that. But the regular updates are quick. You only have to update the map every year or so. If the sound is going, then you got a lemon. Mine's picki…
  • And it's working fine. I had to download it myself. My pois are working, too. Love it.
  • I subscribed to the clearchannel traffic and it's working like a charm. Mine does the typical Nuvi thing where it constantly takes me off the highway. I ignore that. Some people said if they hit reset a few times it stopped doing that. I may try th…
  • I say buy it. Mine's working like a charm. I just downloaded the new 2011 map for free and subscribed to clearchannel traffic. Your GTM traffic plug doubles as an FM tuner for traffic info. That's what the wt means. It's a great deal for the money…
  • :D I just bought a new nuvi 265 with traffic, refurbished, $112. Got Navteq traffic for for the center of NYC, but lost it going home to southern Connecticut. I just paid for clearchannel and popped it in and went down the street, and voila! The …