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  • Now - this is a bad idea.... At least I cannot watch AVATAR on my Mio. But there are mounts already made to hang the iPad atop the center console... Some are like $200, other people have figured out how to do it with a folding case and a bit of…
  • Tim: I don't know about where you live.. but when 20% of drivers find seatbelts uncomfortable, roughly 30% of drivers in Wash DC, Baltimore and much of Delaware do not have insurance: that's scary! .. and it seems that every Harley made has quick-d…
  • iMac: No problems with signal loss at all.... JBT: It's certainly not a Head Up display, but the speedo has always been in this spot, and I get a map and time too.. I also don't like stuff on the dash. I made a under visor mount for my Valentine…
  • ... thanks for that. Not having an iPhone, I didn't realize that most apps simply port over to the Pad. The image detail in the Pad is pretty special so I can see why you would not want to have some pixelated facsimile. I'll wait for something as…
  • GG: Sorry, you are correct. I guess it must have been a news posting that mentioned them... The only turn-by-turn (as it is described) currently available is CoPilot Live HD by ALK Tech. They get a pretty good thrashing in the reviews in the iTun…