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  • Boyd, thanks for the reply, Is the Montana screen more visable in different light, shade and angle situations than the oregon 450? I will go to the store and get a test drive of screen visablity of the montana 600. Under certain conditions in the …
  • Thanks again Boyd, you really know your stuff and full lots of knowledge. I will look into the Montana for one and an Oregon for the other. I will post back and let you know my decision. Thanks again Randy
  • Thank again. Don't you just love that I do this all backwards, maybe I should start from the begining. I already have a Magellian explorists 400. I want something newer and bigger and color. I trail ride on logging roads in California and also i…
  • Boyd, thanks for the info. I'm sorry I didn't clarify, the map, topo. I want to purchase 2 oregon 450's and install the topo on both. Would it be benifical to get the 450t over the 450's? Right now I see there is only $50 more per unit for the…
  • OK guys, when all of you are saying the same thing well that means your right. That is why I came in here. The only thing that steered me away from the touch screen was that I heard (but never looked for my self) the screen was not as clear in su…