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  • Just my luck, to own the Magellan RM 6000T, which does not have speed sensitive zoom (If it does, someone tell me how to enable it).
  • Well, I have just got my Cingular 3125, and have successfully paired it with my 6000T, and have completed two calls via bluetooth, one outgoing, dialed from my auto nav, & one recieved. Voice quality was questionable but audible, but reports he…
  • As a follow up to my experience in testing a NavMan device and seeing it correctly avoid a right turn only junction where it needed to turn left, I asked members on another forum who where discussing Auto-Nav units to test the same route on their un…
  • Apparently, TelaAtlas maps can be misinterpreted also. who use TeleAtlas provide the same directions for that junction also,
  • CNC, most members of this forum, found it through searching for user reviews, so they would have noticed a few discontent customers and had viewed the individual threads reviewing their unit. However the ranting "It's a piece of s%^t, the retailler …
  • CNCRepairguy, If you wish to spread discord concerning the Auto nav that I and many other members own, please leave it in the the GPS recommendation forum, and try to refrain from airing your disappointment with your experience with a bad unit when …
  • I thought that I would chime in on this discussion on NavTEQ vs. TeleAtlas. One road in my home town of Lafayette, Indiana, (Concord Rd) intersects with another road (IN-25) which itself intersects with another road (US-52) within 200ft of the int…
  • Thanks, is not the most easily searchable site :). Looks like I won't be activating it for a while, being 20 miles outside the nearest covered area and don't travel that way enough to warrant any purchase of service. Still, built i…
  • Thanks for the response, I thought as much, I have ordered a 6000T from, even tho it was a little more expensive than those who sell thru Amazon, it had free shipping.